10: Crushing on Luca


 Luca is leaning against the wall, looking at his phone when I step out of the school. Unfortunately there is no way I can get past him, without him seeing me. And being as tall as he is, towering over everyone else, he would never believe that I couldn't find him. So the only thing I can do is walk over to him. He looks up, flashing me a smile that makes me forget why I wanted to run.

 "Hi, is your house far away ? Because I didn't bring my bike today". He pushes off the wall and pockets his phone.

 "No it's not far, just down past the church and across the road, I live in a house down there". I say.

 "Nice, Let's go then". Luca says and starts to walk. I hurry up to keep up with his long legs.

 For a while we just walk in silence down the church path. It annoys me that I find the silence awkwa

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