Chapter 16

Gianna's Pov

"No Gianna, you can't make it obvious that you want him back"Tamara said, throwing the dress I brought out for God knows how many times. 

Right now we were in my house and we were or rather I was getting prepared to go out. Yep today was my date with Nate and I was trying to look normal and not like a girl in her teens who was going out for the first time but Tamara who is my fucking friend keeps talking me 'This isn't good' or 'Its too noticeable' 

At this point I am wondering if models are just as mad as the fashion designer who designs their clothes. Whenever Tamara had a show or something where she gets to model she would always call me to tell me about what the fashion designer gave her to wear and sometimes honestly it's funny. 

There was this one time they gave this dress that looked like a piece of rag. It was like the fashion designer picked up remains of all the

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