Love After Marriage: Mr. Lancaster's Hidden Wife

Love After Marriage: Mr. Lancaster's Hidden Wife

By:  Return of Dark Clouds  Completed
Language: English
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Ever since Yvonne Frey married Henry Lancaster, she alone stayed in an empty house for three years.Just when she was on the verge of giving up, this man suddenly came back and said that he wanted to live together with her!“Mr. Lancaster… Should I prepare a guest room for you?”“What? So I’m only a guest to you?!” Henry gritted his teeth. Now, who was the dismissive one here?

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Leena Kumar Santra
Awesome story
2023-05-26 23:59:51
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I love this book
2023-03-22 18:56:18
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Berly Shane Narciso
its a good book
2023-02-27 20:21:42
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Latoya Malone
I can't stop reading it gets more and more interesting I'm in love with Henry myself ...... great novel
2023-01-22 18:36:59
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Grace Valencia
Is this book completed/finished?
2022-12-11 04:08:21
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Ami Najwa
Did this book have sell outside there or this book just online book?
2022-11-15 14:00:01
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Rahmon Rosheedah Kemi-Habdel
how do I unlock
2022-11-11 12:26:38
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Gina Gabriel
......... ... love the storey
2022-11-03 03:15:36
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Swapna Khetani
its awesome
2022-10-24 13:02:09
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Mary Lane Lomarda-Dinopol
I love too read this book but I have few points to unlock ......... is anybody could help unlock the story
2022-10-23 17:02:13
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Maria Cristina Ren
Theo and Estella story please. Book 2 .........
2022-10-16 23:30:18
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Sandra Thayer
I love this book good reading
2022-10-04 23:15:12
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Gen Gales
i love this book
2022-09-29 15:32:45
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Khajal Shre Pratapan
Love how well written, it will be better if this book is free to read
2022-09-21 23:57:23
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Michaella Quezon
such a wonderful story
2022-09-11 22:00:58
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1394 Chapters
Chapter 1
Yvonne Frey had a nightmare. In her dream, she was pinned down by a man.“Go away… Don’t touch me!”Yvonne was startled awake. Her eyes snapped open and she saw the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The decorations in the room were familiar to her.Was it a dream?She lifted the quilt and was instantly shocked!W-What’s going on!“Sue!” Yvonne hurriedly put on her clothes and ran downstairs. Sue, her housekeeper, happened to be cleaning the living room.Sue turned off the vacuum cleaner and looked at her in surprise. “I’m here, madam. What’s wrong?”“Did you see a stranger upstairs this morning? I think… I think someone came into my room!” Yvonne went pale. She couldn’t help shaking when she recalled her dream.“A stranger?”Sue quickly put down the vacuum cleaner and strode to her. “Madam, are you sure it wasn’t a mistake? I got up early to prepare breakfast, but didn’t see anything out of place in the house.”“No, I’m sure!” Yvonne was about to cry. “Sue, can yo
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Chapter 2
“You don’t wish for my return?”He walked past the woman in front of him and went over to the sofa.“O-Of course not!” Yvonne smiled stiffly. “I was just surprised because… you suddenly came back unannounced…”In the past three years, there was a time when she anticipated his return day and night. After countless disappointments, she gradually stopped looking forward to it.Yet now, he came back without a word! Not only that, but they even did that kind of thing. How was she supposed to react to this?!Yvonne tensed up as she cautiously went over to sit across from him, trying to get used to being a wife again.However, the man wouldn’t even look at her and abruptly said, “I’ll be living here from now on.”“What…?!” Yvonne choked and coughed until her face was flushed as she looked at him in disbelief.Henry gave her a displeased look. She promptly covered her mouth for fear of disturbing him.After a while, she couldn’t hold back from asking, “W-Why have you suddenly thought
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Chapter 3
“I have no current plans for children.”In her anticipation, the man in front of her slowly parted his thin lips, then shattered all her fantasies with his deep and cold voice.“Huh?” Yvonne was confused at first, but she very quickly understood the situation.His indifferent tone… was extremely unpleasant to her ears.“No worries, I understand.” She tried her best to act indifferent. “I’ll take the morning-after pill.”“Do you have anything else to tell me?” Yvonne asked carefully with a cautious smile on her face.“No.”Henry tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, looking both very satisfied and uncomfortable with her reply.He had married Yvonne Frey in the first place only because she wasn’t as scheming as other women out there who always tried to use every method to conceive his child so that they had a valid reason to stay by his side.Why did she never think of that?Was it because she didn’t care about him?Henry frowned, but suddenly realized that his opinion was
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Chapter 4
By the time they made it to the lobby, it was already crowded. A few female secretaries were whispering to each other.“Did you hear? They said the new boss is from Ontario. He already owns several companies and seems to be rich! Not only that, but he’s also still single!”“Are you sure? The new boss married a woman that his family arranged for him long ago. He doesn’t even like her.”“Yeah, I knew about it too! I heard the CEO had a great relationship with his ex-girlfriend, but was forced to break up and marry his current wife due to his family. They aren’t even in love.”Lynette couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the exciting conversation going on around them. She turned her head back and tugged on Yvonne’s sleeve. “Did you hear that, Yvonne? I wonder what our new boss looks like! Maybe he’ll be tall, rich, and handsome?”“I’ve no idea.”Yvonne curled her lips with little interest and played with the wedding ring on her ring finger. She was already married to the best man in the w
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Chapter 5
Oh no, did he notice?!Yvonne hurriedly lowered her head as she debated with herself about hiding. However, Henry quickly looked away and seemed to have not noticed her.Phew. She breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he didn’t notice her.“Look, Mr. Lancaster. These are all the employees of this company. We are very much looking forward to your arrival.” The executive quickly went over to flatter him.Henry coldly acknowledged his flattery and led a group of executives behind him into the elevator, showing no interest in the man’s superficial skills.As the elevator door closed, Yvonne heard everyone around her talking in low voices. People were mostly admiring Henry for his looks and temperament.Words like ‘beautiful’, ‘handsome’, ‘noble’, and ‘tall’ seemed to be made for him.Yvonne couldn't be bothered to hear the gossip. She placed her hand over her racing heart and wanted to leave quickly, but she got caught by an overly excited Lynette. “Yvonne, did you see that?! The
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Chapter 6
“Yes.” Henry nodded with displeasure in his narrow eyes. “If Mr. Hendrickson isn’t satisfied with the person I chose, maybe you can advise me who to choose instead?”Among so many women with heavy makeup on their faces here, Yvonne Frey was the only one that was the most pleasing to his eyes.“No, not at all! Mr. Lancaster, you’re too serious!” Mr. Hendrickson didn’t dare to say anything.He quickly went off to bring Yvonne over and tried to make himself look good. “Well Yvonne, you’ll be Mr. Lancaster’s personal secretary. Assist him well. You can ask me if you need any help.”“...Alright,” Yvonne responded in a daze.She had no idea why Henry would choose her as his secretary. Maybe because it would be easier for them to work together since they knew each other already?She secretly stole a glance at Henry when he coincidentally looked away and wiped a trace of emotions away in his eyes.He talked to the executives next to him for a bit, then gave an order with his cold voice,
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Chapter 7
Yvonne deliberately spent her entire afternoon in the office. When she finished all the work she had in her hands, it was only three in the afternoon. There was still plenty of time before it was time to get off work.Seeing that there was really no other way to delay it, she had no choice but to muster up her courage and pick up the phone’s receiver, then dial the CEO’s office.After being promoted to the position of his personal secretary, she was given an office next to the CEO’s office.She had the entire room to herself.The call was picked up very quickly, and she instantly tensed up. “M-Mr. Lancaster? It's me…”“Prepare me a report of all the projects that the company has accepted in the past year and bring it to me before the end of the day.” The man’s cold voice came through the receiver and ignored her.“All the projects?” Yvonne’s eyes widened.Was that a task that can be done alone by one person?!“Do you have any other questions?” he asked coldly.“N-No.” Yvonne s
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Chapter 8
At the hospital...The doctor performed a physical examination on Yvonne with a serious look on his face. “Miss Frey, you’ve probably had a gastric problem for a long time, right? Fortunately, it isn’t too serious. Just pay attention to your diet.”“It’s probably suddenly acting up tonight because you didn’t eat on time. By the way, what have you eaten today, Miss Frey?”What had she eaten today? Yvonne looked at Henry awkwardly. She had a fright during lunch break and ended up working overtime until late. Why would she even be in the mood to eat anything?“Doctor, is there any way to permanently cure gastric problems?”Henry frowned, feeling a little guilty for some reason when he looked at the woman’s pale face.“That’s a little difficult.” The doctor shook his head. “In any case, your gastric problem isn’t that serious, Miss Frey. Just make sure you maintain a healthy diet and eat on time. You’ll get better soon.”The doctor gave Yvonne a few pieces of advice, then told her t
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Chapter 9
By the time Yvonne woke up, the IV catheter had been removed from the back of her hand.She rubbed her eyes and saw the doctor coming in. “Doctor, I think I’m feeling fine now. When can I be discharged?”“I’m afraid not yet. Mr. Lancaster told me that he wants you to stay in the hospital a few more days for observation. You can only be discharged after we make sure that your gastric problem is really only a gastric problem.”“Where is he now?”Yvonne sat up in surprise. If she were to stay in the hospital for observation, then she needed to call in sick to work.“Mr. Lancaster has left. He informed me that he’d be back tomorrow. Miss Frey, I think his concerns are necessary. Gastric problems can vary in severity. It’s best for you to get it checked properly.”The doctor gave his advice, then went out because a nurse came looking for him.Since Yvonne couldn’t go against Henry’s wishes, she could only lay on the hospital bed and fall asleep again.As soon as she got up the next
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Chapter 10
Their marriage was decided by Henry’s grandfather in the first place…However, Henry had made it very clear to her that day that he wasn’t planning on having a child.Turning his head around, Henry saw Yvonne sitting on the bed with a troubled expression on her face. His heart couldn’t help but sway. “Don’t worry too much about having a child. I’ll eventually take care of it.”Take care of it? How was he planning to take care of it? Yvonne snapped her head up. Did he change his mind and was now willing to have a child with her?“I’ll leave your breakfast here. The doctor has instructed you to eat on time. Sue will be coming over later. I’ll go now since there are still matters to attend to at the company.”Henry didn’t seem interested in continuing this topic and then left after telling her all that.Yvonne sat on the bed in a daze, as the pain in her heart became more intense… He was basically still telling her the same thing — he wasn’t willing to have a child with her.......
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