Spoiled By The President: My Wife Is A Little Sweet

Spoiled By The President: My Wife Is A Little Sweet

By:  Cloud Tree  Completed
Language: English
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Her boyfriend and her sister tangled together in the sheets, so she turned around and married the fearsome business tycoon, Gideon Leith.Not only is she a star in her own right, but she’s also a publicist and an entrepreneur? A super race-car driver? A world-renown gold medalist designer too?! Just who is this precious hidden treasure of a girl!!!She went from being pitifully spurned to a goddess looked up to by tens of thousands of people, and her admirers queued from Jincheng all the way to Kyoto.Mr. Leith, who saw a certain someone’s feminine charm, quickly tucked her into his arms. “Wife, I need to hide you well. You can only belong to me!”

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Spoiled By The President: My Wife Is A Little Sweet by Cloud Tree is a romance novel with four and a half stars. Nell Jennings witnessed a nightmare that came to life. Her sister, Celine, is in a hotel doing her long-time boyfriend, Jason Morton. She humiliates the two and breaks up with the cheating scum. She finds herself in the arms of Gideon Lieth. He is a man who is the epitome of perfection. He is athletic, fashionable, loaded, and in love with her. Is Gideon her reward for enduring a hell-like relationship? Or he has his imperfections that Nell needs to discover herself.

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I think this book is underrated. It's way too good for it not to have a spot for me to put my gems
2024-04-18 08:15:19
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Wenie Piluden
i love reading this book........
2023-08-08 09:24:03
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Stacie Aymami Sundberg
Great story
2023-07-24 07:10:16
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good book.
2023-06-19 04:57:11
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Great book
2023-05-21 19:45:50
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It was a great book. I couldn’t put it fown
2023-01-07 06:36:34
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author S
the story is so nice I badly want to finish it
2023-01-02 01:51:26
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Elijahfaith Gabertan
Sge always in trouble its annoying
2022-10-22 22:05:30
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Therese Torrefranca
Umm, what’s a “gold medalists designer”? Do you mean Olympic medal designer like she designs the Olympic medals or only the gold medal?
2022-10-19 00:59:47
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Chloe De Schrijder
Very nice can’t wait for the next chapter
2022-09-21 02:40:39
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A lot of missing chapters. And it’s only shown after I have purchased it
2022-06-23 10:31:03
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Evan Cuesta
started to like it
2022-06-22 10:53:07
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very interesting novel
2022-05-29 18:19:05
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Ceejay Ramirez
The story is so good but I feel like the ending was rushed! What happened to Vickie? Were they able to find a cure or atleast a means to reproduce many money bead? I need atleast an epilogue for a better wrap-up of everything not like this! Dear Author, please write an epilogue!
2022-05-16 20:26:11
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Claude Vlad
This book is so great!
2022-04-18 00:21:58
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1087 Chapters
Chapter 1 Surprise
When Nell Jennings arrived at Lihua Hotel, it was already 11:00 p.m. at night. At a time like this, it was not safe for a person working in a business selling adult products to make deliveries in person.Especially since she was a young and beautiful girl.However, there was no other option. Life was not easy. Everything needed money, from food to clothing to housing to transportation. Besides, Jason Morton would be coming back in a few days. They had been dating for six years, but he spent more than half that time away from her. He had to take care of business both at home and abroad, so she naturally could not hold him back.Fortunately, they had deep feelings for each other. She also ran a small business in addition to her daily work, so she would definitely be able to give him a surprise on his birthday in a few days. At this thought, Nell's lips lifted silently as she smiled.She pulled the brim of the black hat on her head snugly before grabbing the delivery box and mak
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Chapter 2 Surpassed Her Master
Standing behind Sylvia, Shaun Jennings roared in anger. “You b*tch! What did you say?”Nell sneered. “Just the truth.”She really did not expect that the woman who was with Jason would be Celine.Originally, she had just thought that Jason had betrayed her. She only acted the way she did in a fit of anger to make Jason make a fool of himself to relieve her resentment.Unexpectedly, not only did her fiance cheat on her, the person he cheated on her with was her own half-sister!What a joke!“You!”The old lady was so furious that she raised her cane to smash it down on Nell, but Sally Youngs quickly stopped her.“Mom, let’s talk civilly. Don’t be angry. You’ll destroy your health.”Then, she turned to Nell. “Nell, you shouldn’t make your grandmother angry. Celine is at fault here, so you can beat up or yell at her all you want later, but your grandma is already old. Listen to me and don’t talk back to her, okay?”If a passerby saw Sally’s gentle and considerate expression with
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Chapter 3 You Lost Again
When Nell saw Celine’s weak and helpless appearance, she only felt extremely disgusted.She shrugged Celine off coldly. “Don’t touch me!”Nell did not use much strength, but Celine suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground with a scream.“Celine!”Jason shot forward like an arrow to help her up. He growled at Nell in anger. “Nell! What are you doing?”“I didn’t…”Nell’s expression shifted as she subconsciously tried to explain herself, but Celine interrupted her.“Jason, don’t blame Nell. I was the one who seduced you. Nevermind pushing me, even if she yelled at me or beat me up, she would still be in the right.”Nell’s pupils dilated. Her face was filled with shock.She raised her head to see Jason’s disappointed eyes.“I didn’t think that you would be like this. This is my fault, so you should direct your anger at me! Why are you raising your hand against Celine?”Nell opened her mouth, but her explanation suddenly choked on her throat, as if it was a thorn stabbing her.“
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Chapter 4 Meeting Again
Since Nell was a child, Hayley Morton loved to antagonize her. She never failed to pick a fight with Nell.Nell was no in the mood to deal with her, so she pulled out a few bills from her bag and called for the check.However, Hayley stepped forward and blocked her path.“Why are you leaving? C’mon, show me. Is it condoms or lube today?”She reached out to grab Nell’s bag.Nell took a step back, glaring at her with cold eyes.“Hayley Morton, don’t go overboard!”“Overboard? Haha…” Hayley acted as if she heard a great joke. “Nell Jennings! Do you think you’re still my brother’s girlfriend? You’re nothing now! What are you acting so high and mighty for?”Nell’s jaw tightened expressionlessly.Hayley waved her hand. “You! Go grab her bag!”“What’s the point of just looking at her bag? Doesn’t she sell some very mature products? It’s already so late, yet she’s still out making deliveries. I wonder if she’s delivering an item or a person.”“That’s true, but look at how much of a
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Chapter 5 Cutting Losses In Time
Nell leaned weakly against the car window, watching the night scenery flash by. Her eyes were red.Jason’s words were still ringing in her ears, but she only found them ridiculous.How many times did Celine bully her with her family behind her? Nell remained silent and tolerant, thinking that she could get some peace that way, but Celine had instead escalated her methods.Nell was not a weak person, so she naturally learned how to fight back when she could no longer endure it. However, in Jason’s eyes, that became her bullying Celine?She was driven out of the Jennings family. Everyone in Jincheng knew that she was the unwanted daughter of the Jennings family, and her grandmother grew even more displeased with her.In order to not embarrass Jason, she avoided interaction with others and tried her hardest not to appear in public, but in his eyes, she was making excuses and refusing to accompany him?As for selling erotic products...If not for that incident, if not for the Jennin
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Chapter 6 Certification
Gideon rubbed his eyebrows as his head started to ache.After a long time, he finally sighed and softened his tone. “Let go, I’ll bring you up to rest.”“I don’t wanna.”Nell wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest like she was a drowning man holding onto the last piece of driftwood.For six years, Jason had refused to touch her. She used to foolishly think that it was because he respected and cared for her.However, now she knew that he just thought she was rigid and disinteresting. In his eyes, underneath her skin, she was no different from a man.Just thinking of this made her pride sting ruthlessly.As if to prove something, she hugged the man and kissed his lips again.This time, it was not as light as before. She took his lips in her mouth, gently grinding and licking. Her thick fan-like eyelashes quivered gently and brushed the skin on his face, making him itch slightly.Gideon’s entire body went stiff.The taut strings in his mind snapped one
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Chapter 7 Immediate Marriage
Nell could not help but hiss in shock.“Marriage? Us? T-That’s impossible! I was drunk last night. This document doesn’t count!”Gideon looked at her with a cool gaze and smiled coldly.“You said you’d sign when you wanted to sleep with me, but you don’t want to admit it now that you’re all dressed?”Nell. “...”“Hah!”He laughed again with a hint of mockery.Nell was at a loss of words for a moment. She finally choked out a sentence after a long time, “That was something that requires mutual consent. How am I entirely to blame?”She was a girl. If he refused, could she have forced herself on him?However, the next second, a certain someone simply unbuttoned his shirt.“I knew that you wouldn’t admit it. Fortunately, there was evidence left behind.”Nell followed his movements and looked over. A delicate collar bone was revealed under the two loose buttons, the base was faintly covered with hickeys and scratch marks.It could be seen just how intense last night was!She ha
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Chapter 8 Announcing The Marriage
Elsewhere, in the Jennings home.The living room was full of people, including the elderly Sylvia Walker, the father Shaun Jennings, the mother Sally Youngs, as well as Jason Morton’s sister, Hayley Morton, and several of Celine Jenning’s friends as well.Celine and Jason sat on the sofa at the side. The atmosphere was slightly gloomy.“Celine, if you ask me, you’re too easy to bully! My brother and you are in love, how dare she do such a thing? She knew very well how sensitive your identity is, yet she still called the police to arrest you. Isn’t it obvious that she wants to ruin you?”“That’s right. Besides, the fact that she’s fooling around with another man right after breaking up with Young Master Morton just proves that she’s not a good person!”“Celine, you’re at a disadvantage because you’re a public figure. Now, everyone is talking about your affairs all over the Internet, saying that you were seduced by Young Master Morton or that you were abusing drugs and so on. All th
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Chapter 9 Forced Home
“You!”Shaun was infuriated. “I’m asking you again. Are you coming back or not?”“I’m not!”“Good! Remember what you said! Don’t say I didn’t warn you when your grandmother comes after you later!”Shaun felt like he really could not communicate with his daughter’s cold and icy attitude and simply hung up.Nell scoffed and ignored him. She put the phone away and continued to eat the takeaway she just ordered.On the other side, Sylvia was sitting in the dining room. She frowned upon seeing Shaun walk in exasperatedly.“How is it? Have you informed her? Is she coming back tonight?”Shaun snapped, “How would I win against her? Her wings have hardened and she’s so independent now. She won’t come back without hiring a palanquin to pick her up.”Sylvia’s expression darkened.Her chopsticks slammed on the table with a slap.“Insolent!”Everyone in the dining room jumped. Ever since the death of Old Master Jennings, Sylvia had been in charge of the Jennings family. She had accumula
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Chapter 10 What Mother Left Behind
Celine froze as her expression fell.“Sister, how could you say that about me?”Sally also forced a smile. “Nell, your sister has good intentions, so why don’t you have a chat with her? Just talk through any misunderstandings. We’re still family.”“Family! Sorry! I can be family with everyone in this house except the two of you.“Besides, my mom only has one daughter. Since when have I had a sister? Please don’t stick your nose in my affairs. Be careful my mom’s ghost doesn’t visit you in the middle of the night to claim your lives!”“Ahhh—!Celine screamed in fright from Nell’s cold and stern appearance and dove into Sally’s arms.At that moment, a stern shout suddenly sounded from the stairway.“Nell Jennings!”Nell looked up and saw Sylvia walking over with a walking stick.Although the Old Madam was elderly, she was hale and hearty and had a sharp gaze. She usually carried a heavy expression that had a type of intimidating aura.However, Nell was not afraid of her. She s
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