Chapter 18: 1-star Beast Tamer

Surprisingly, the previous hostile crowd had turned into a complete set of different people entirely. The only thing I could read from their eyes was reverence. It was as if they'd gone through a process of bowdlerization.

  “Success!” the mechanical voice from the door of the examination announced.

  ‘Oh là là !’

  ‘Now that's what I'm talking about, baby!’

  Stepping out, I felt like a superstar. I raised my head up and looked at the numbers floating across the door.

  100 points!

  Still, as a genius, I couldn't just start crazing over a mere score... I had to add some vibes and play expert.

  Before I could even say a word, everyone began to steer clear, as though I was some demon. Tracing their perplexed gazes, I realised it was due to my new pet that they shrunk in fear. Smiling, I turned to it and asked telepathically, “Do you have a name

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