Scars secret

Los Angelos, USA

August 2016

Lynn Vandestine 

He enters in this long building. 

The building is cloud-kissing, like it was built to stand with pride. He's feeling a bit tired because of the five hour driving, yet he can't avoid the anger in his mind.

The sexy black receptionist in the desk, Landy Keller, smiles sweetly after seeing him.

"Handsome boy, long time no see!" She pouts playfully. "Where have you been? Oh, my mistake. Of course, you had work, didn't you?"

Lynn puts his elbows on the mahogany desk, no mood in flirting with her. "Yeah, I had. Can I see Chief now?"

"Um...Chief's not here, Agent Stanley." Her smile immediately drops, smoothing her curly hair nervously. 

"Landy, it's important." He ignores her, briskly stepping front to

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