Chapter 2114 Hope and Despair

The man on the floor was limp and looked like he was dying.

Lance’s nose was bruised, and his face was swollen. He also had multiple wounds on his body.

His injuries were just appalling!

Yvette’s whole body began to tremble from the chill. She was flustered and miserable as she kept calling his name.

However, she did not get a response.

For the first time in her life, Yvette felt like her body and soul were separated.

When she saw Lance in pain, she just wished that she could die with Lance.

That kind of pain was like her body was ripped apart. It was something she could never imagine before tonight.

Yvette’s world crumbled overnight.

Seeing Yvette’s depressed look, Sean’s subordinates obviously felt a little guilty.

Although Sean looked unhappy, he did not look worried or scared.

Sean glanced at his subordinates as if he was saying, “You guys attacked him while I was in the room?”

His subordinates shook their heads quickly and quickly shirked off the responsibility.

“I di
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Chrys Geranen
I skipped ahead to see if I wanted to keep reading because it’s over 2000 chapters. Now that I see Nicole isn’t with Eric and not this chapter drivel, I’m done. Not paying for the most drawn out story that veered away from good story development
goodnovel comment avatar
Charlotte Davis
Author it’s time to turn this story around and Let Eric and chance find happiness and stop this endless drivel!!!!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
I can’t believe I am reading two stupid stories and they are both giving this kind of service. This app sucks. You also have the nerve to charge people for this.

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