Chapter 4_a good egg

"Where's the milk?" He asked and I mumbled,

"In the coffee"

His brows tightening, he stopped whatever he was doing and looked at me dead in the eyes.

"What do you mean 'in the coffee'?"

"Sir you said your coffee and milk so I thought it was codeword for latte" I exhaled. Ooh don't tell me he actually wanted coffee and milk. That ...that is absurd for a guy who doesn't miss his latte in the morning.

"Codeword? What do you think this is,the army? I clearly said coffee and milk. Leave the latte here and get the milk. This time get some doughnuts too," he said pulling out his wallet and removing a fresh hundred dollar bill.

Taking it in my hands, I walked out of the office fighting the urge to pull my hair out in defeat. His mother wasn't this hard to read but he on the other hand always had something to complain about.

I didn't have the time to get the doghnuts and the milk since I had important issues like getting the board room ready for the meeting and informing people like Mr Mario that they needed to show their ass up for the meeting.

"Look, I have tons of work but if you do me just this one tinsie thing, I promise I'll join you for a drink sometime,"I pouted gaining the sympathy of Benny who stood up gave me a sheepish look and said, "Make it two drinks and I'll do it"

Two drinks it was. By the time Benny came back with the doghnuts and the milk I had already set the board room and made sure that the projector worked just fine.

"You are a lifesaver, you know that right?" I squeaked going to my boss' office before he could say that the doghnuts got cold on the way.

"Here they are, Sir" All hot and warm for you!

The thing that I hated most about him was him pretending that I didn't exist at times. He woke me up at five am to check out documents that didn't require checking, made me lose money that could have bought breakfast on a stupid cab and now? Ignoring me making my muscles tear away as I stood there waiting for a thank you or a ' I dunno you did good?'

"Have a seat, Enelor"

It was Eleanor but again I didn't correct him. I had a feeling he was doing it on purpose so that I would contradict him and he'd fire me on the spot.

I sat down on the seats across his huge desk. Everytime I stood in this very office, I never got the chance to look at the view behind that clear glass wall but now sitting down was like watching TV. Behind my boss was a beautiful view of the tallest buildings and in between you could see the sun spew it's radiance down the city as the different windows reflected the light.

"I maybe a strict boss as you have come to realize," he started. But strict? No, how about overbearing, irritating, scary, unpredictable,the list was endless.

"But that doesn't mean I like seeing my employees starve to death. Enelor the doghnuts and the milk are for you as you couldn't wait for breakfast back at my house, you can have it here"

Did he just? I was...I didn't know what to say. He seemed sincere and that startled me. For a moment there, I could see Mrs Jenna in him. I could see Mrs Jenna's kindness in him.

"Thank you Sir, I'm not hungry though,"I lied even though I could feel my stomach walls being digested.

"I don't think you get it, Enelor. It's not an offer but more of a command" he said his face growing taut and his eyes not even flinching as he looked at me.

Grabbing the milk and the doghnuts, I ate and although I tried my best not to look like a pig, I think I failed at it. Uncle Mike spent all the money again meaning that the little cash I had, I bought takeout for Oggie while I missed both supper last night and breakfast in the morning. The milk went well with the doghnuts I couldn't deny that.

"Klaus we need to..." Ms Drizzy came in his office unexpectedly startling not only him but me also.

"Oooh I didn't know you had company," she joked and my boss stood up went to hug his sister and spoke loudly so that I could hear him,

"Don't try to be funny, Dee. To what do I owe the pleasure?" He smiled.

A real genuine smile formed on his face and although I said he didn't deserve any compliments. He really looked like Cody Christian when he smiled.

"Enelor you can leave now," he said as if it was so obvious.

Again it was Eleanor but eeeh I didn't have it in me to fuss about it. Niklaus Rogers bought me breakfast. He was a good egg after all and I saw that. I finally saw that and no matter what he would do or speak I wouldn't mind it at all because deep down he was good just like his mother though I couldn't say the rest about his siblings.

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