Chapter 280

"Now what if feels to suffer the way we did, Livi?" Lumapit si Carolina kay Livi at nginisihan ito. She leaned closer to her ear, whispering. "I found out it was you who was helping Solei after all. Pagmamay-ari n'yo ni Dion and L&D Bar, hindi ba? You leaked the privacy of your customers. Tell me? Did Shianna order you to betray my sister?"

Lumayo si Carolina kay Livi at tiningnan ang mukha nito. Natigilan siya nang makita na madilim na ngumiti ito sa kan'ya. Livi tucked her hairs behind ear at nagkibit-balikat. "Here I am, thinking that you will never find it out. Carolina, you're too late. Sira na ang pangalan ng ate mo. However, everything was my own volition. Shianna isn't involved in this. Wala nga siyang alam na ako ang kumakampi kay Solei. Solei didn't even know."

Nanlaki ang mga mata ni Carolina at awang ang labi na tiningnan si Livi na humalukipkip. Her eyes didn't blink and her face was fill with disgust. Livi smirked. "I am doing this for my own entertainment. I enjoyed it
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