Chapter 6 - Collin

Mom wasn’t budging on this tutoring thing. And dad was zero help. Not that he ever is. He’s always too wrapped up in whatever the hell he does. Okay, so I know what my dad does; he works with stocks. Hands down the most boring fucking thing on earth, okay, so it’s second to math classes or listening to a Mr. Weaver lecture. 

Still a tedious ass job. I could give two shits about stocks and bonds. I guess it’s fair that I have about as much interest in my dad’s career as he does in my life. And his lack of giving a shit is why I didn’t count on him coming to my defense. During dinner last night, the most he said was, ‘listen to your mother.’ 

So either I get out of this myself or just let Cassidy’s big mouth do it for me. I’ve obviously opted to let Cassidy handle it. She’ll make a big stink and find every reason under the sun that making her tutor me is in some violation of human rights. And then Walters and my mom will have to back off, and I’ll get a different tutor. 

Sounded like a good plan. Yet I didn’t see Cassidy storm the office when she got off the bus. Instead, Red was tucked close to that new girl, Riko. The same girl the Frost triplets have set their sights on. I guess they must live near each other if they are on the same bus route. 

The triplets are fucked if Cassidy Summers takes that girl under her wing. Cassidy only hates one guy in this school more than the triplets, and that’s Brant. I don’t know what went down between them.

Just rumors that mostly Brant and bitches like Jane spread. They never rang true in my head. Can’t see Brant dumping Cassidy because she became some level five clinger after what he thought was casual sex. 

I thought to go after Cassidy to ask if she would handle the tutoring bullshit. But I didn’t. Instead, I found myself following the new girl. Probably a good thing I did because as I came around a corner, I witnessed Jane and her band of bitches roughing Riko up threatening her. 

I went to dig my phone out to text the Frost brothers. I know they’d want to know, but the bell rang, and I had to haul ass to Physics.

And of course, in Physics, I got seated in the front row, so I had no chance of getting my phone out without getting caught. The moment I left Physics, I rushed to study hall, where I knew one of the brothers should be.

As I walked into study hall second period, I looked for Frost, giving him the information. But he wasn’t there. Maybe he already knows? I furrowed my brow because another person was missing too. Cassidy wasn’t in the room. I wanted to talk to her, damn it. She better not be skipping to avoid me. 

Cassidy at least showed up. She looked flustered and angry. While Pethel wasn’t looking, I moved from my seat to a desk next to Cassidy.

“Yo, Red.” I whispered, tapping her desk. A set of intense emerald eyes narrowed at me. If I wasn’t actively concerned about whether that look meant she’d rip my dick off, I’d almost call it hot.

“Fuck. Off.” The words may have been a whispered hiss, but they were enunciated very clearly with as much fire as an inferno. “Does this mean you still plan to get out of tutoring me?” I hesitantly asked. 

I know I’m pushing my luck, but I need her to do what she does best. I need her to use that big mouth and brain of hers to make them let me choose someone else.

“Rot in hell, Cole, right next to where your busy body mother sucks cocks.” She glowered as she gathered her things. The bell had rung and gave her an escape.

What the fuck just happened? I know Cassidy has a mouth on her and rarely hesitates to curse people out, but she just trash-talked my mom. I grabbed my things and rushed after her. I knew art was her next subject and took a shortcut to get there before her.

“Red. That shit was uncalled for. Hate me all you like but don’t say shit like that about my mom. You’d have my balls if I said shit about one of your moms.” I glared, blocking her way from getting to class. “Yeah, well, maybe your mom shouldn’t have brought my Mamá into this.” Cassidy glared up at me.

“I’m guessing that one is Jennifer?” I arched my brow because I will not even try to pretend I know which of her moms is which and what they get called by Cassidy and her brother. Her brows furrowed.

“How do you know my Mamá’s name?” she demanded. “Um, because my mom told me that she talked to Jennifer Summers, who said you’d tutor me.” I shrugged. 

Yes, I’m capable of stringing together logic. No matter what Cassidy thinks or says. I’m not as dumb as she thinks I am. Cassidy groaned and kicked the wall.

“I guess I should count myself lucky you kicked the wall instead of me.” I nodded. “I don’t want to tutor your dumbass.” Cassidy glared at me.

“Great. I don’t want you to either. So, I’ll repeat. Are you going to handle this? I figured you’d have Walters crying by this point and insisting you didn’t have to tutor me, and he’d suggest someone else.” I folded my arms again, moving to block her from getting around me.

“I can’t. Both my moms had said I’m tutoring you whether I like it or not. Because it’ll look good on my college applications, be easy money, and it would….” She grimaced.

“Be good for me to learn to tolerate assholes like you. Guess it’s their version of a reality check.” Cassidy scoffed.

Crap. Double crap. We’re stuck. Our moms have fucked us. “Now excuse me, but I have a class.” Cassidy finally shoved past me, leaving me leaning against the lockers. I was wallowing in despair. I didn’t even hear the bell or care that I was missing the start of History. 

I did, however, register that all three Frost brothers were in the hallway, escorting Riko to art. Well, at least they found her, and I trust they will handle whatever Jane and her friends did and try to do going forward. I didn’t stick around to get caught and called a creeper, so I hauled ass to History, giving Weaver a bullshit excuse and getting to my desk.

At least he didn’t push about my excuse. I think he has reached the point in his career that he doesn’t care as much as he did. He’s got to be nearing retirement age. Either way, I’m just glad I got a pass on being late. I was racking my brain for some way to get out of this tutoring shit. I’m not seeing a way out.

I didn’t want anyone to know that she would be tutoring me. I can just imagine the shit I would be given if that got out. “You look way too pensive, Collin.” Frost taunted with a grin on his face as he slid into his seat in our English class. 

“And you seem to be in a good mood. Wouldn’t have anything to do with the new girl, right?” I teased because it was easier than discussing my shit. His posture changed slightly as he gave me a very invasive once over. 

“Frost, the last time someone looked at me like that, I got laid. Does Riko know you swing that way? Does Ben know? He’d jump you so fast.” I teased. Frost rolled his icy eyes. “I was just trying to determine if you are on our side or part of the problem.” He explained. 

“Your side. Always man. That’s barely a question. I have zero beef with you or your brothers. Least of all over Riko. I wasn’t interested, and after what happened to Lance yesterday, I don’t think anyone with half a brain would be.” I scoffed.

I think every guy at school heard how Frost chock slammed Lance into the lunch table for messing with Riko. Any guy that has the balls to do anything after that has a death with.

Frost relaxed and laughed. “Alright. Good. Jane and her crew gave her shit this morning and started some pretty nasty rumors.” Frost ran his hand over his face.

“Yeah, I heard some of that. I’ve been dealing with my own shit, so I didn’t pay as much attention. But I knew Jane was going to start shit yesterday, especially after lunch.” I frowned.

“Are you all good?” Frost arched a brow. “Oh yeah. I’m good, man. Just family drama. Mom’s all anal-retentive about my grades, and the only way dad could be less involved is if he was on mars.” I rolled my eyes. 

“Ouch. That sucks. But good luck with it. And just do us a favor.” He sighed. “What’s the favor?” I arched my brow. “Be nice to Riko. If someone messes with her, tell us, and if it’s a situation you think you could intercede, do it.” he requested. “You got it. I’ve got Riko’s back.” I nodded.

“Are we interrupting your conversation? Or can we get on with the lesson?” Ms. Riley narrowed her eyes at us. “Sorry.” I snickered as we both turned our attention back to our books and class. The Forst brothers have enough on their plate. So I will not be talking to them about the tutoring problem.


Oh yeah! Book three in the Ravenwood series is here! I hope you're ready for another crazy adventure as we find out how jock/man-hating Cassidy Summers ended up with jock Collin Cole during The Princes of Ravenwood. New chapters will be posted Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

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michelle blinn
i wish cassidy wasnt so rude to everyone.
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Love this pov while all that bullying was happening to Riko. Great dialogue and characterizations! Always loved Cassidy & wondered how she & Cole ended up together. The conversations, pace & flow all sound & feel so authentic, so real life.
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loving this already!

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