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It about a teen girl who wish to start a new life after she gained admission into college. But she met her elementary classmate who have always bullied her all through her life in elementary. After another with Jeremy and realizing he was still the same like when he was still a kid. She decided to keep a distant but after what happened on her first day and was saved by her Superhero Mark. Unlike Jeremy, mark was kind, brilliant, innocent, cute and friendly and have girls drooling over him. But things get tough when Jeremy and Rachael were paired for a project and Mark got jealous because he found out Rachael once had feeling for Jeremy the guy who had always bully her all her lifetime. Found out in this interesting story whether Rachael would go for a bad guy or her superhero. Brought to you by your favorite authoress Ricky.. Love you all

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Janette Rocha
This is a good story. But it goes for way to long. These web sites say there is no cost but beware. I paid over 200.00 to read this and I am not done yet. This is a mistake I will only make once with these type of well site that claim to be free.
2022-11-10 04:57:23
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in love with this book
2021-09-29 19:16:31
33 Chapters
COLLEGE ROMANCEWritten by: Authoress Ricky                 Chapter oneA new life begins for a young teen girl who just gain admission into a prestigious college, Crawford.Am Rachael Hernandez, I live in a family of five consisting of my parents Mr and Mrs Hernandez , Michael my elder brother, Michelle my elder sister  they are actually twins and me Rachael the last born of the family.Do you want to know how it feels to be the last born. I know every girl is dying to be in my shoes but I wish I was the eldest.And I know it going to be hell from tomorrow am going to the same school with my elder siblings.Although they are in their finals in college but I will start my first year tomorrow.I sincerely hate going to school because I was bullied during high school.Our family is the best family ever only if my elder twins doesn't tease the hell out of me I woul
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My first love
COLLEGE ROMANCE      Written by: Authoress Ricky     Chapter two"Wow see who we have here the cute little RACHAEL HERNANDEZ" Jeremy says and his friends laugh."I don't have time for you so can you just get out of my way or"....."Or what! you fight me" he asks."Jeremy leave my way I don't want to have anything to do with a bad guy like you" "Wow you got courage now right you bumped into me just now an you ain't even apologise" he says and push me and I fell to the ground immediately.I landed my butt on the floor and it hurt, he squatted beside me."Am seriously going to make college miserable for you it a promise" he whispered. I looked around and alot of people where gathered to watch the scene because it was lunch time and everyone is free."Why do you hate me so much"I asked."You even have the courage to talk back at me right, seems you got courage now"he
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The unforgotten event!
COLLEGE ROMANCEWritten by: Authoress Ricky chapter three"Rachael Hernandez?"he shouted because the music was loud and it obvious he is kind of drunk."What do you want from me seriously I got something else to do" I replied and turned to go and search for mark but he held my wrist so tightly and drag me downstairs back.I struggled to get my hand free but he tightened his grip more."What the heck is your problem" I yelled at me after he let go of my hands."My problem is the fact you are going upstairs to see that son of a bastard" he replied."it non of your business now back off" I yelled."You've changed Rachael" he said but this time his voice was down as hell that I couldn't hear him well but sincerly I heard."Changed? Jeremy everyone change the only person who doesn't change is you" I replied and he gave me a smirk and now I feel like punching him again." That not what I actually mean rachael, you never attend a
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My elder siblings
COLLEGE ROMANCEWritten by: Authoress Ricky Chapter fourDamn it what should I tell him, I was nervous as he keep staring at me waiting for an answer."Actually I was telling my brother about why I got drunk last night' I lied."Is he your elder brother" he asked."Actually they are my elder twin" I replied knowing he was falling for the lie."You didn't tell them I got you drunk because you did that to yourself" he said and I don't even know what to say."Hey Rachel" Jessica place her hand around my shoulder."Woah Mark looks like you both are getting along"."Actually we are about leaving" I drag Jessica away from Mark after taking a glance at him and we headed to the class."What are you doing with Mark Hubbard" she asked."He was just asking if I got home safe" I lied again."Wait mark asked if you got home safe, do you know him before" sh asked."No, but he save me from that bastard yesterday"."Yo
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Shipping Jeremy and Rachael
COLLEGE ROMANCE Written by: Authoress Ricky Chapter fiveThe next day at school, my elder brother wave at me as he walk away with Michelle."You are so lucky" a voice said and I turned to see Mark Walking towards me."Lucky? Good morning" I replied."Your brother and sister are lovely" he replied and I smiled.I don't know why am always feeling like this around him."So how is your project going" he asked.Should I just tell him about Jeremy been adamant."It going fine and Jeremy is a good partner" I lied."Actually I really wanted to swap so am asking if you could join team" he said.I wanted to tell him we should join team but I remember Dad word so I just smiled."Am totally fine with him, am sorry if your partner bother you so much" I replied."It okay" he said scratching the back of his head and it was awkward between us."I should probably head in first" I said and walk away fast."Hey
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Chapter Six
COLLEGE ROMANCEWritten by: Authoress Ricky Chapter sixIntro: Once you wake up one day and say to yourself am determine to succeed, you would successfully work ahead of time.We only have one week left and Jeremy and I was still not able to put up something together.I invited him over to our house because my parent told Michael and Michelle to babysit me and they shouldn't allow me out of the house.After school I invited him over, I was going through my chemistry assignment and Michael and Michelle were as usual pressing their phones.Michael have alot of girlfriends and admirers so he spent most of his time chatting with them.Girls lust after him so it a good opportunity to flirt,he invite them into the house once in a while when Dad and Mom are on business trip.The door bell rang and I quickly stood up to open the door."Are you expecting someone" Michelle asked."Yes my class mate we have some project to do" I replied and ope
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Chapter Seven
COLLEGE ROMANCEWritten by: Authoress Ricky Chapter sevenMy alarm rang at exactly 6:00 am, I was already awake because I couldn't sleep well last night.I switched the light on as I yawned,before going to take my bathe.My eye looked tiring it must be due to sleepless night.I changed into my uniform and brush my hair and I did a little check out on myself before leaving the room."Here comes the new princess with a boyfriend" Michelle grinned and that made me remember what happened last night."You know what?, don't start with me this morning because we didn't kiss last night and Jeremy is totally not my boyfriend not even in the future" I replied and sit beside Michael who didn't even interfere.And it obvious he is more matured than my crazy sister who always force words out of me."Good morning Michael" I greeted and he returned with a smile, that strange."Why is Michael replying a good morning with a smile" I asked obviously c
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COLLEGE ROMANCEWritten by: Authoress Ricky Chapter Eight"It just something we made up they aren't really into anything"Michael bailed me out and he smiled breaking the lunch awkwardness.Jessica was drooling and seducing my brother, Michelle and Mark were just talking about some books.I didn't know Mark was a book lover too but I know Michelle love reading stories especially on Wattpad.The food taste awful Jeremy muttered and I turn my gaze at him."Are you okay because the food is the best have tasted since school resumed" I replied and he looked at me."I thought I was talking to myself"he said and I roll my eye."Hey why you always Cold hearted"I asked and he didn't reply."Silent treatment? is that what you want and you came to have lunch with my siblings"I asked."She invited me and I couldn't turn down a senior because it might get me in trouble"I replied."Can I have my lunch in peace"he asked."No you really nee
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COLLEGE ROMANCEWritten by: Authoress Ricky Chapter nineMy parent had been arguing over thirty minutes now because of the matter Michelle brought up during dinner.She does really need to take mouthcaution."Can you guys just listen" I hit my hand on the table and stood up."I don't have a boyfriend and when Michelle mentioned two was just because she saw me talking to my class mate and it was over the project stuff"."Whatever" mom replied and I know they are taking it personal just like Michelle."Mom" I called and she looked at me then at Dad who doesn't seem happy."Am sorry dear" she apologized and a smile was on dad face again."Am going to bed now have enough into my stomach" I said rubbing my stomach."Good night dear" Mom stood up to kiss my forehead and I walked away from my crazy family.Shouldn't they be settling the dispute between Michelle and I and not make it worst, sometimes I think am the matured one in my family.
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COLLEGE ROMANCEWritten by: Authoress Ricky Chapter tenBefore I could yelled the person hand was covering my mouth."Don't yell it me" that voice sounds familiar and I could see his face well."Jeremy, what do you think you are doing"I removed his hand from my mouth but I could feel his face on me and his body pressed mine against the wall."Am sorry"he let go of me and I adjusted my uniform because the skirt pull up a bit."What are you doing and what was that at the class earlier on"I gave him a straight voice and he just scratch the back of head."Jeremy you aren't the shy type so quit all this attitude and tell me what happened to you and when I said we are friends doesn't mean you should be conering me in here" I looked around and no one was around."The project was a waste" he changed the topic ignoring my question and he wanted to walk away but I stood at his front blocking his way.He raised one of his brow with the look
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