Chapter 7 - Cassidy

James didn’t speak to me all last night or this morning. Well, unless you count the rude comments, he made on the bus when I shut his mouth up for hassling the new girl. Riko is really a nice person after getting to talk to her. It’s not her fault the dumb Frost brothers have set their sights on her without thinking or caring about what it would do to her reputation. 

Inconsiderate assholes. This girl needs some friends. And well, I’m going to take that first spot. I’ve navigated this place for two years. I’m not everyone’s favorite person, but enough people know to back off when I say. I will do whatever I can to help fix what those Ken Dolls broke.

This starts when I see Jane and her cronies snickering in the hall. They look way too happy. So I decided to butt my nose in. “Is there a sale at whatever overpriced child slave labor store you shop at?” I asked, folding my arms as I blocked their way down the hall.

Jane scoffed as she narrowed her overrated blue eyes framed by completely unnecessary fake eyelashes and a bit too much makeup for a school day. I mean, if she wants to wear makeup, great. But maybe do it so you look less like your after-school job involves a corner.  Deep breath, Summers, stop being a judgmental bitch.

“Fuck off lesbo.” Jane rolled her eyes and tried to shove past me. I was quick to get in her way. She really needs to up her game if she wants to stand a chance in an insult match with me. I’m a Summers witty comebacks are in my DNA.

“You really can’t think of a better insult. I told you before, true or false being a lesbian isn’t an insult. Even if I did swing that way, I told you I wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole. So why are you and your gaggle of plastic cunts giddy this early in the morning?” I arched my brow, eyeing each of them. 

“You’d think you’d be happy to. We just did you a favor.” Grace scoffed. Did me a favor? Un-fucking-likely. There’s still breathing oxygen, so that’s not the favor. And I can’t honestly think of a thing any of them could have done that would benefit me.

“Did you all agree mid-senior year to switch schools? Sure, I’m making us all late for homeroom, but I don’t trust them. Cause otherwise I can’t think of a single thing any of you could have done that I could call a favor.” I scoffed once again moving so they couldn’t get past me.

“We just made sure that you don’t have competition for your chink girlfriend.” Grace smiled smugly. I furrowed my brow cause that seriously made no sense. Damn, these bitches are racist.

“We don’t have any students that are Chinese-American at Ravenwood, you racist cuntmuffin.” I rolled my eyes. It then hit me who these racist pieces of Prada trash are talking about.

“See, she’s just realized who we’re talking about. You’re welcome. She’s free game. She’s learned her place when it comes to my boyfriend and his brothers. Though I’m sure even you wouldn’t want to hook up with a slut who fucked three guys in the school parking lot.” Jane scoffed, shoving past me.

I saw red. How fucking dare they. I don’t know what they did to Riko, but it was uncalled for, whatever it was. I quickly tripped her, smiling with satisfaction as she fell on her face. Her little group of friends moved to rush forward but froze when I glared at them.

“Listen to me, you Gucci hoochies. Riko is my friend. F-r-i-e-n-d. That means a platonic relationship between two individuals. I know you are unfamiliar with the definition because you aren’t friends. You bitches just follow everything Jane says because she acts like the queen of this school. But guess what, high school is a small pond. Jane may be a big fish now, but when college and the real world rolls around, she’s going to be a tiny minnow in an ocean of sharks.” I started in my lecture.

“Also, Riko is JAPANESE. That means she has roots in Japan. It’s a completely different country from China. So I ever hear you call her or anyone a racist slur.” I glared at them. I was in fight mode because they’ve really pissed me off. “I’ll beat your faces so bad your own mothers won’t recognize you.”

“News flash, no one owns anyone else. That includes the Frost brothers. You don’t own them. They are not a piece of property you can lay claim to. They didn’t want you. Get over it. Move on with your pathetic consumer-driven lives. And lastly, just because you daydream of letting those three ken dolls have their way with you in public doesn’t mean it’s on everyone’s bucket list. So spread one more rumor about Riko, and I kick your asses. I don’t care which of you says the next racist thing or spreads the next rumor. I kick all your asses. Now go to class.” I gave my final warning as I shoved through them.

I was fuming all through English class. Who do they think they are? On what planet do they think anything they are doing is okay? I hate this school. I hate the entitled little shits that attend here. I won’t stand for it. I just won’t. 

Riko is too sweet of a girl for this shit. I don’t know what they said or did to her. But I’m going to find out. Too bad I don’t know what class Riko is in, but I know I’ll see her in art. So I’ll find out then. And offer whatever backup she needs.

I swung by the bathroom before study hall with that decision in my mind. Not like I wanted to get there fast. The last thing I want is to deal with Collin Cole. I can only pray the asshole just leaves me alone. I’m in no mood for his brand of stupidity.

To my surprise and anger, I found Riko in the bathroom crying. That rage at Jane and her friends doubled. I don’t know what they said or did, but I’m pissed. I may not like the Frost brothers but that doesn’t mean people like Jane get to decree who can and cannot be around them.

“Riko? You okay?” I questioned, knocking at the stall door. “Y… yes, I’m okay.” Riko sighed, stepping out. I frowned and offered her a tissue. I may be known as a hardass bitch, but I care about people and have a sensitive side. And like my mom, I don’t like seeing people cry.

“You don’t look it. Come on. I’ve got some makeup on my bag. It can help you look a bit more together.” I said with a small smile. Riko sighed as I pulled her over to the sink, lightly dabbing her eyes with the tissue I gave her. 

“I don’t wear makeup.” Riko shook her head. Of course, she doesn’t. She’s a natural beauty; anyone with eyes can tell that. Probably another reason girls like Jane don’t like her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jane without makeup in two years. 

“I know. And unlike you, with your gorgeous natural looks, mere mortals such as I need it.” I smiled, getting out a small bag from my bookbag. I don’t wear a lot of makeup. And I may take after my mom in many ways, but I’m not as tomboy as her. 

Thank god for mamá teaching me how to apply makeup and what looks best for my complexion, eyes, and hair color. “You don’t need makeup. You’re beautiful.” Riko rolled her eyes. 

“Yeah, well, I’m sure my mom would love to hear that. I don’t like my super Irish looks.” I sighed. “Now close your eyes, and I’ll make this quick, so we don’t miss too much of our 2nd-period classes.” I smiled. With a sigh, Riko complied and let me do my thing.


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Jerelyn Dumalig Gandeza
asking for vote or gem.but until now n there's no next chapter
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Just love how Cassidy is so sweet & protective of Riko; and basically to anyone who needs help. I remember this scene. It was really sweet.

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