Chapter 11: The Duke's daughter is no more!

Xolvion and Luna had retreated from the castle, taking the princess with them. Xolvion had used his abilities to change his, Luna's and the duke's daughters face, helping them escape the castle with ease, while the guards continued to look for the culprits.

Xolvion had returned to a local tavern on the far east side of the city, it had become his regular sleeping spot as it was quiet and the owner didn't ask many questions, allowing him to come and go as he pleased when he was sleeping in another's bed of course.

He and Luna sat in the room while the duke's daughter led on the bed still unconscious. Xolvion had mainly brought her back so he could investigate what the whole thing with the empress of ice was about.

After seeing the light come from her body, Luna had confirmed that she had seen it smash through the window and enter the girl, further confirming Xolvion's thoughts.

"If what I am thinking is right, the holy saints don't just become holy saints.

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Mike Okoro
nice story but can't find the picture
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Inthiyaz Khan
Liked the story
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Inthiyaz Khan
I liked the but as you mention to see the picture comment me is it true

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