Chapter Eighty-Two

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The cold air ruffled my hair and my dress making it harder to keep up with Ezra's hurried and long strides. Despite looking very fragile and soft, Ezra wasn't anything but that. His grip was strong and fierce even with having slender and long fingers, his tampered manicured fingernails digging into my skin painfully.

Ezra pulled me with enough strength to pull down a tower, his grip was just as powerful as Jax's or Ares' or even more. And I clenched my teeth as I staggered behind him.

"Let me go!" I yelled, nearly stumbling against a rock with my high heels that didn't make catching up with him any easier.

Deep throaty laugh escaped his lips sending chills down my spine as it echoed in the empty forest. It seems other wolves had gone back to change and continue the ball as no one was in sight.

"You need to see who Ares truly is. He's b
Chimdi Jane Samuel

**So we get to see Ares' wolf. He's so much different from Ares, whereas he's childlike, happy and showing his emotions. I really like him. But he seems to share the same hatred of Ezra as Ares. Lol. Do you think Ezra is scared of Ares' wolf? I'm really glad to show you this part of Ares, his wolf side because I've been itching to write about him since. Let me know what you think of this chapter. What do you think of Ares' wolf? Do you like him? Do you think Ares' wolf would still show his beasty side? Also do you think he would hurt Alora? Would the pain of the curse happen again and cause him to become feral? Let me know in the comments and vote too, leave a review, it means a lot to me. See you soon. Jane♥️

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Wow why can’t you finish this book , its like maybe one update a week
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Elin Hansson
I just looove this book...️ You are such a good writer. Longing for the next chapters. Good work ......
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wood y
I wouldn't be surprised if Ares was framed. I think Ares' wolf might have found his family dead and was trying to heal them when he was found. He wouldn't have been very old at the time.

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