Chapter 94


Catherine took a deep breath and composed herself before looking up at Ace.

"Baby." She whispered and stood up from the couch, he walked up to her and pulled her towards his chest, wrapping his arms around her protectively.

He kissed her hair and caressed her back slowly. "Is Mom back? Did something happen? Why were you sitting like that?" He inquired.

" No, I was just feeling a little bit down when you walked in . It's nothing serious." Catherine responded calmly. She gazed up at him and smiled. " How was your day?"

"Great, did you have a great time with your mother?" He asked. While they both started walking towards the staircase.

"Yes, she apologized as expected of her, what about you?" She inquired.

"Since we will be going back to college tomorrow I thought about spending sometime with them." Ace responded softly, Catherine nodded her head and intertwined their hands.

"Mother said that she wants us with her during dinner, but first you need to wash up." She told him and winked
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Great work

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