Slave To Queen
Slave To Queen
Author: Danielle Lea


“Hey you! Omega! Get over here and clean up this mess.! How dare you cause the Luna to spill her drink.” Shouted Alpha Alex.

I so wanted to ask how this was my fault but I knew I’d only end up beaten. Today the Alpha King was coming, and I had to make sure everything was spotless.  One of these days, I will find my mate and get away from these people. No one should have to endure this kind of treatment from their own family. When that happened, I would get my revenge. 

“Darling, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to cause Rebel more trouble.” Luna Ashley fake apologized.

Ugh! I am so tired of being everyone’s punching bag, the one everyone makes fun of and tears down. Why was I even born? Like my presence really shook her enough to spill her drink, ha as if. If only I had my wolf, I knew what I would say to her.

“Oh my imagine being of someone so important the Luna actually shakes in your presence. A mere Omega, a slave, can frighten the weak delicate Luna.”  I thought to myself with a laugh.

Oh I could already see her face. How any man goes for that fake ass Barbie look, well it’s a mystery.  More like botched Barbie. The Luna has that bottle dyed blonde hair that falls just below her bum. She uses some fake tan in a can to give her a golden sun-kissed tan, but with the amount she uses, she’s orange. Icy green eyes that are completely hidden under a mountain of fake lashes. Boy I’d hate to see her go swimming and the layers melt off in the water. 

Suddenly the dining hall doors crash open, and there stood Beta Jacobs. 

“Alpha, the King is here!” 

“Omega, you know the rules. Out of sight while the King is here. Otherwise, you will have to be taught a lesson.” Alpha Alex stated as he slapped me. 

I gasp and quickly put my hand on my cheek. 

“That was for making a fool of your Luna. Get out of my face.” 

I can feel the blood drip from my nose as I turn to get to my room. One day, one day they would all pay.

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