#Chapter 157 - Mother's Home

Rachel POV

"Your mother is doing well considering," Art said.

"Considering what?" I asked.

My body was hot yet numb at the same time. I had a baby monitoring band wrapped around my waist to monitor my daughter, a pulse oximeter to monitor my oxygen and pulse, a blood pressure cuff for exactly that, and two IVs to make sure the hospital had access to my bloodstream as fast as possible "just in case."

Saying I felt out of sorts was putting it mildly.

"Considering the quack caring for her had kept her overmedicated for the last two decades," Art said, shrugging a shoulder, "I think they did all they could to keep her barely conscious to avoid her fighting for her freedom. According to Justice, she can't even speak."

I frowned, the muscles in my face moving as sluggishly as the rest of me, "According to Justice? You haven't seen her?"

Art shook his head, "No. I distracted the facility attendants while Justice got your mother from her room

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upendoafrican ladiessalon
Rachel is annoying, she is just too much not even giving others a break.

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