Chapter 17_Why did you do that?

 Freddie gasped and stood up immediately, he was angry and Elsa could see that but she doesn't want him to her as the same weak and wrecked girl he broke once.

   "Don't piss me off, Elsa or..." He gritted his teeth.

"Or what? You're going to beat me up? No, you're going to rape me again like you did to every lady huh? Aww I'm so scared" Elsa whined.

  Freddie walked to the door and looked at Elsa one more time before walking away. Elsa rushed to the door but realize it was locked. She rushed back and searched for her phone but she couldn't find it.

Damn it!" She cursed.

  "Get me out of here, you coward! You'll never get me and I wish you die just like I've said" she yelled and kicked the door.

Freddie walked back into the room and suddenly, he pushed Elsa against the closet and pressed his body against hers. The familiar panic of Elsa was startin

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