Chapter 45_Who's the father of your baby, marina?

Alice drove some kilometers away from the club then parked the car and got down. She lean in the car and bought out a pack of cigarettes from her pocket, she opened it and took a stick out, she reached for her lighter and when she find it she lit the cigarette and place the light back... She puffs out smoke from the cigar.

She remained in that same position till she had to smoke six cigarette sticks. She opened the car door and pulled out her gun, she reload it... Takes her time.

Alice placed the gun back into the car, she got in and ignited the car engine, and slowly hit the road once again.



Elsa was awoken by a noise outside her room, she stood up from her bed alert, trembling that the men who were after her before were in her apartment.

She tried to reach for her phone to maybe call Radon or Alice. these are just the two people she knows can protect her, but then she realized that she had left her phone alongside her bag in the sitting room after she was done talking w
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