Chapter 3 Aiden

** Trigger warning, abuse and rape in this chapter. **

Aiden was taken in by alpha Maxwell of the blood moon pack, when he was found wondering around at 6 years old by border patrol.

He was kept hidden in the basement for the first 2 years not allowed to come out at all.

He was practically starved, hardly allowed anything to eat or drink. He would only get a small plate of scraps and a glass of water 1 or 2 times a week.

But at least he didn't get hurt during that time. The Alpha never laid a finger on him those first 2 years.

When he turned 8 that's when the Alpha made him a slave and forced him to do all the chores. He had to learn to cook and began cooking for everyone in the pack house.

When he was 13 he shifted for the first time alone in the basement.

Normally you don't shift for the first time until your 16 but for some reason he shifted early.

Because he shifted so young and alone with no one to guide him through it, his shift was more painful and gruesome than normal.

A first shift is normally painful, but not like this. The first shift also usually only takes about 20 minutes to complete.... His lasted 3 hours!

His first shift was in a cold dark dimly lit damp basement all alone.

Because he didn't understand how the process worked his bones would break, rearrange and go back because he was fighting it. His skin would tear, bleed, heal and start all over again until 3 hours later.

After all the screaming, bleeding, and painful agony his shift was finally complete.

His wolf was all white with the brightest most striking blue eyes.

Exhausted and unable to move he laid there in his wolf form for hours until sleep took over.

Normally after shifting his wolf would have talked to him for the first time. But since the shift was so gruesome and took so long his wolf was too weak to even talk to him until later the next day.

He never told anyone that he got his wolf and shifted. He kept it a secret afraid of his Alpha and what everyone would think.

Because no one ever seen him shift after his 16th birthday everyone thought he had no wolf and would never shift or get his wolf.

The pack house was average size with 30 pack members living there including the Alpha and his family.

Aiden had to wake up every morning before anyone got up to cook for the whole pack and have breakfast ready before the Alpha came down.

After breakfast he had to clean the whole pack house daily. When he wasn't cooking or cleaning he had to stay in the basement. He was never allowed outside nor was he ever allowed to attend school.

Aiden's POV

Current age 21

I woke up this morning at 4:30am when my alarm went off. I crawl out of my old torn up sleeping bag that I've managed to sneak out of the garbage when someone threw it out.

As I bent over to get out of my sleeping bag I winced from the pain in my ribs.

My ribs were still hurting from the beating I received from the Alpha last night.

I accidentally dropped an plate of on my way back to the kitchen.

The Alpha was in a really foul mood last night and I was terrified of making a mistake. I knew he was waiting for me to mess up so he could take his frustrations out on me.

I clumsily dropped one of the plates when I was clearing the table.

He jumped up so fast then grabbed me by my hair. He dragged me all the way downstairs to the basement where he first punched me in the face, then continued to beat me until I passed out.

He definitely uses me to take his frustrations out on. And when he's like this, his beatings are worse. Although surprisingly, this wasn't as bad as normal. At least he didn't hang me from the ceiling this time.

I woke up in the middle of the night in pain. I had dried blood caked all over my face and could barely move. I cleaned up as best as I could and bandaged myself with some rags and a few Band-Aids I managed to sneak down here for times like this. I then crawled into my sleeping bag and fell asleep.

As I stood up I stumbled from being so weak and sore. I haven't eaten anything in a week. Nowadays I only get to eat a small plate of scraps and a glass of water once a week if I'm lucky.

I can't sneak food because the Alpha will be able to smell it on me and know that I've stolen food to eat. I've learned that lesson the hard way and woke up days later.

I grabbed my bucket of water and rag then cleaned myself up. I'm not allowed to use the bathrooms upstairs to shower or clean up. But at least I can use this to get somewhat clean.

I grabbed something to wear. All I have is old worn out and torn clothes that I've managed to find in the garbage when others throw out their old clothes. They're so worn out now they look like rags.

I smile at the outfit I'm going to wear today. I haven't been able to sew in a while because I can't find thread.

But this was an outfit I was the most fond of. It didn't fit me at all so I had to adjust it. I had to cut a large portion of the legs off at the bottom, then sew them. I had to do the same for the shirt because it was so long it went to my knees.

But unfortunately, this outfit is barely holding together. I think they've figured out I was taking the clothes because I haven't seen clothes in the garbage in a long time.

I don't know how I'm going to get new clothes once these are no longer holding together enough to wear.

But for now, this is all I have. So I hurry up and put them on then run my fingers through my hair before making my way up the stairs.

I hurry upstairs and start preparing food before the first set of people come back from training.

First round of people usually come back around 7am but the alpha sometimes comes down around 6am.

So I make sure to have breakfast ready by then. I never know when he's going to be down that early and if I don't have food ready for him that's an excuse for him to hit me.

So I begin to make breakfast for the morning which consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes with fresh squeezed orange juice.

After I have everything set out I wait in a corner and put my head down. Trying to look invisible and hide from everyone.

None of the pack members like me. I'm always getting pushed, tripped and teased.

At least that's the worst I received from the pack members with the exception of the Alpha and his younger son. His father has 2 sons. Matthew the oldest by 1 year at 25, and Jackson, the youngest at 24.

Jackson can sometimes be worse than his father. His father is stepping down next week for Matthew to take over and Jackson to become the next Beta.

Jackson's beatings aren't as bad as his father's but his other treatment is worse. He hates my guts and always calls me names. He tells me I'm gay and calls me a fag.

He verbally acts like he's homophobic but at the same time when he catches me alone he will force me to do things.

He's never raped me because he says that's gay, he will only stick his dick in pussy not a guys ass. but he always makes me suck him off if he catches me alone. If I try to refuse he'll beat me.

Once everyone's done eating I clean up after everyone and clean the kitchen, then start my daily chores.

I start by cleaning all the bedrooms in the pack house. I like to start with Jackson's bedroom first because he works on the training field right after breakfast. I don't want to run into him so this is the best time to do his room.

I had already cleaned the bathroom and was on my hands and knees washing the floor when Jackson walked in behind me.

My stomach dropped as I looked over my shoulder at him. He chuckled darkly.

"Just the perfect position I want you in."

He said as he walked toward me then roughly grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.

My body trembled as he pulled my hair harder.

With his other hand he pulled his zipper down and pulled out his cock then slapped me in the face with it.

"Open wide!" He said.

Tears slid down my face as I trembled. I did as I was told so he doesn't hurt me.

He instantly jammed his dick so far down my throat I gagged and started choking as more tears sprung from my eyes.

I was choking and gagging the whole time as he rammed into my throat over and over while grunting.

"That's it, you suck that cock you fucking fag!"

He said then growled as he pounded in and out of my mouth.

I knew he was close as I could feel his dick get bigger and harder as his cock pumped in and out of my mouth.

He grabbed the back of my head with both hands as he was cumming and jammed his dick even further down my throat.

"swallow and don't you dare spill a drop of it!"

He said angrily as he finally, let go of me.

After swallowing, I coughed and took a sharp breath in as I finally filled my lungs with the air, they desperately needed.

After he fixed himself he patted me on the head.

"good boy!" He said. Then he turned and left.

I sat there crying for a bit then finally collected myself and finished all the rooms on that floor.

Once I was done with all the rooms it was time to make lunch so I headed downstair.

After everyone was done I cleaned up the kitchen then went upstairs to finish cleaning the rooms on the third floor.

It was almost time to start dinner as I was finishing my last room which was the Alpha's.

Bathrooms are not my lucky place to be in today apparently. As I was coming out of the bathroom with the dirty mop water I ran right into the Alpha and spilled the dirty mop water all over him and the carpet.

He was enraged. I don't think I've ever seen him this mad. He punched me in the face so hard I almost passed out.

Blood instantly gushed from my mouth and nose as I fell to the ground.

Everything had a muffled sound, I could hardly see, everything was blurry.

He grabbed me by the hair then dragged me from the third floor all the way down to the basement where he hung me up with chains, and beat and tortured me.

I cried when I watched him pull out the whip.

He whipped my back until it was raw and bleeding. The skin was hanging from my back. With each lash it felt like it was tearing the skin from my back. I was screaming so loud I was sure the whole pack heard me.

I can feel the blood running down my body and legs. My clothes that were already torn before, were being shredded apart with each lash and barely hanging from my body. I can see blood pooling on the floor below me.

I eventually passed out from the pain and blood loss. I awoke several hours later when he let me down. I hit the ground hard with a thud.

I don't know how long I laid there crying but when I finally got the strength to get up I knew I needed to get out of here or I was going to die here.

I snuck upstairs as quietly as I could.

Each step was so hard, but I pushed myself. I needed to see what time of the day it was.

My alarm clock broke when he dragged my body down the stairs and passed my makeshift bed. So I wasn't able to tell what time it was, especially since there are no windows in the basement.

I quietly listen when I reached the top of the stairs to see if I could hear anyone.

When I didn't hear anyone I opened the door and peeked out. I didn't see anyone so I slowly crept out untill I seen a window. It was dark outside thank goodness and it was quiet in the house, so I knew everyone must be sleeping.

This is my only chance I thought and I took it.

I left the pack house as fast as I could and took off into the woods. Once in the woods I shifted and took off running.

I ran as fast as I could which really wasn't that fast because I was hurt, weak and hungry but still faster than if I was in my human form.

I was almost to the edge of our boarded when a patrol spotted me and gave chase.

I thought they were going to stop once I passed the boarder of our territory, but they didn't and kept chasing me.

I managed to lose one of them zigzagging through the trees but the other one I didn't and was tackled to the ground. I tried to fight him off, he was really doing some damage on me. I got lucky and managed to knock him unconscious when I shoved him off of me and his head hit a rock.

The other one was approaching fast so I took off towards the sound of running water. I made it to a cliff and came to an abrupt halt. I looked down and my stomach dropped.

It was such a big drop. The river was raging below. I wasn't sure I would survive if I jumped.

But if I stayed I would surely die by being torn apart piece by piece from him.

I glanced back at the wolf running full speed at me and knew instantly I'd rather die jumping than to be mauled apart by him.

So without another thought I jumped. I hit the water and that was the last thing I remember before the darkness.

At least it will be fast and over... No more pain I thought before I hit the water.

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