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Michael, the most gentle person in the whole school, was noted for his handsomeness, his blameless character, not only that, he is a brilliant fellow, a nerd to be precise. Out of the blues, he started admiring handsome boys in his class. At age 16, he discovered that all his classmates he admired were signs of him having same-sex attraction. He became mortified, guilty, feeling empty for having feelings for the same sex. He was lost in a battle, a battle of dealing with feelings for both the same sex and opposite sex. What will he do in this situation? Who can he trust with this secret and who will help him? What could go wrong when the same-sex becomes attracted to him? Will he give in to the sexual craving? Will he succeed in getting rid of it? Find out in WEIRD FEELING.AUTHORS NOTE: This novel is a good one as it will shed more light on same-sex attraction. I hope you drop your honest review as you read.

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Savvy the hoe
I love this book from the beginning to the end... the grammar usage was top notch and I love the characters development and tone of writing.
2022-05-31 05:11:09
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Ese Nam
Woow reading nd seeing things from the African school settings, I feel good knowing we as young Africans also has capable promising authors. Thank u Isreal nd wish to read more books from you.
2022-04-10 16:59:17
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Antar Bedouin
A good read!...
2021-08-11 19:13:11
user avatar
Chimdi Jane Samuel
I've started reading this book because the synopsis caught my interest ♥️☺️
2021-07-18 18:19:43
user avatar
The way you describe emotions is so genuine and I got hooked right from the start! Your story is definitely in my library and it is pretty addictive. Please never stop! You are doing great!
2021-05-15 00:15:03
user avatar
S.Oyogho dancing pen
Great work👍🏾
2021-05-09 12:57:58
user avatar
Very interesting. Thumbs up prof! I can't wait to read more of Micheal
2021-03-27 20:15:45
user avatar
Ethan is my favourite character ♥️🥺 Nice book, definitely deserves recognition.
2021-03-19 19:53:53
user avatar
I felt the emotions that ran through the mind of Micheal, the need to fight desires that you can't control or explain. A must read story 🔥
2021-03-08 18:56:23
user avatar
Apratyashita Thakur
The start seems good...
2021-03-03 20:48:38
user avatar
Iremide Pearl
It's as simple as honest as it seems... not your regular Nigerian novel...
2021-03-04 12:35:00
user avatar
This is very much relatable for gays who are obstructed by the unnecessary guilt of loving someone who are in the same sex. Hence, it is recommended for them.
2021-08-13 20:48:51
68 Chapters
    I stared at my reflection as I slowly stroke my eyebrows into waves with a small comb. I must confess I look quite feminine with my fair complexion, my small eyes, thick eyebrows that are well curved, and eyelashes that bash lightly. My tall and scrawny figure makes it more of a girl in a boy's body. I dropped my comb as I suddenly started feeling emotions seeping down my body, sad and happy ones at that.     I am sad because I will be leaving my former school, my old friends, classmates, and teachers. I am happy because I get to attend my elder brother's former school which happens to be one of the best schools in the state.   "Brother Michael, my dad calls for you," the voice of my younger brother Mark jolted me out of my thoughts. I smiled sweetly at him giving him a reply that I would join them soon. I slowly packed my bag and headed downstairs.     My parents have tried to convince me to attend my broth
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    I put on a bright countenance as a small smile made its way to my mouth."Good Morning to you all. My name is Oyedele Michael. Nice to meet you", I greeted them as they all responded with "same to you."  Mr. Williams directed me to sit in the fourth row with someone to share the English textbook with. I am yet to get my textbooks as my dad received the school email recently that I was given admission.   I pulled a chair and moved to the fourth row as my gaze landed on the person I would share a textbook with. Reality struck me when I realized he was the same guy I was thinking about this morning.&n
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  The past two months have not been an easy one for me. Apart from reading, stress, academics, and the likes, the admiration I had for Khaleed has been a 'thorn in the flesh'.  Yes, I have had a liking for him since the second day of my schooling. His backside that I saw during the assembly that day sent my body trickling with different emotions.  The fact that I eventually saw his facial features and front view makes my stomach churn with different sensations  I cannot decipher. The mixed classes did not help matter as that only makes my imaginations go wild. His well-curved eyebrows, full pink lips, and bobbing Adam's apple are part of those features that are unwilling to leave my head.
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     It has been over 5 months,( three weeks into SSS2 3rd term), after that incident with Khaleed and words alone cannot describe how I had felt throughout those months.    Even though I had settled quite well in my new school, I still feel burdened with the strange liking I could not share with others.    After that declaration made by Khaleed during the little game, my spirit died down as the liking I had for him faded like dust. I felt hurt knowing he treated girls like a plaything, without any sense of conscience involved. 
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  "Hey", Ethan whispered as he stood in front of me. I could not help but keep staring at him, as my mouth was partially opened. To say I was 'shocked' again is the right word to use.  " Can I sit beside you?" He asked politely, bending a little with a book held by him, but all I could do was blink my eyes, wondering why Ethan was in front of me.   "Ahem," he faked a cough, drawing me out of my trance. "Sure, you can sit beside me," I finally found my voice as he took a chair beside me as I  slowly returned my gaze to my book.    "Are you okay? You just kept staring at me as if you wanted to swallow me whole," he mumbled. He is quite a good character that deserves a 'pretending award'.He might be a chameleon but I am the opposite,' I thought as an idea crept into my brain"Are you a chameleon that suddenly changes color 'out of the blues'?,' I asked and he chuckled, flipping through the New School Chemistry text
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    I sulked in my breath, trying not to get angry at Ethan's use of words. He is kinda right, I am 15 years old and yet to have a crush. I stay with girls 24/7, and nothing to show off concerning any growing feelings for the opposite sex.     Yet, I had a liking for 5 boys already, not sure the reason why I am developing that affection for them. One thing I wish for is to be led to a spotlight about this admiration I am developing, it is making my heart Quaver. ' Oh God of mercy, please guide my thoughts and give me a solution to my problem', I prayed silently as I made my way into Rachael's class meant for her test.     She was revising for her next subject, pretty engrossed in its reading. She looked up and waved at me as I made my way to her seat.
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   Just thinking about the whole scenario between Rachael and me kept me in a state I cannot decipher. 'I WILL BE LEAVING,' those words of her's only brought many questions to my mind. I felt as if a load was on my body the moment she spilled those words.   I could not help but fake a smile after she told me she would be leaving Beatitude College after our 3rd term. She is going for G.C.E( GENERAL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION),( an examination that can be sought for admission into higher education,)which after getting a good result would be used for her higher education.   I only wish her all the best even though 99℅ part of me kept hoping she does not leave soon. She is one in a million,  someone with tolerance, love, patience, and intelligence. She alongside Joshua and Gloria has made my stay here at Beatitude less stressful and more memorable for me.*******   After the 3rd term examination, we were cho
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    I suddenly felt my body turned to jelly as I leaned on the wall, feeling weak. Was I having feelings for the same-sex that could lead to homosexual acts? My face turned sour immediately.   "Oyedele, are you okay?" Rachael's voice broke me out of my misery reasoning.    I tried to stand straight but I felt glued to the wall."I'm fine, I just felt a little bit weak, that is all," I replied.  "You do not look okay to me, did you undergo any stress?" she asked again.
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    I felt my breath hitch at every step he took, as I moved back slowly until my right leg hit a desk. I looked into his eyes trying to be courageous but the truth is that my legs have turned to jelly as they could lose their stance anytime soon.     I could not analyze what he was going to do but the only thing that came to my uneasy mind was that he was going to slap me hard. The thought that he is muscular gives me creeps as it won't take any stress for him to beat me up, especially in an empty class with just three of us.    I unexpectedly felt his warm hands around my waist as he engulfed me in his arms. I tried to think of ' a million reasons why he was hugging me this tight but I could not think straight. I felt my whole body on him, his cologne smearing my nose,
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    This is going to be fun, "I thought as I pulled Khaleed to my side. I cannot afford to lose 500 naira." I agree to the terms and conditions. In the Chelsea club, we have Mount, Hodoi, Kante, Abraham, and Zuma. For the Arsenal club, we have David Luiz, William, Lacazette, Bukayo Saka, and Nicholas Pepper, "I stated as they all wore a shocked look.   I collected the 500 naira from Khaleed without wasting much time. Quadri pulled me " Hero, please give me the money back. I was just joking around," he begged as Khaleed and Paul also joined in begging me to release the money.  "Quite hilarious. We both agreed, so just stop begging me. You are embarrassing me," I stated as I left their midst, an idea popping into my
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