Chapter 6

After looking down for a while, Maya was determined to say whatever she wanted, thus she lifted her head and stared at Ashton, straight in the eye.

Looking into his intimidating eyes, Maya did not back down.

She straightened her back and cleared her throat again.

“Hello alpha, need a Luna?” Maya asked.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your conversation but I happened to hear you talking about your alpha not having a mate. You can take it as me offering my body to repay your kindness.” Maya said, puffing the invisible chest out.

“What kindness is Miss Maya talking about?” Ashton asked.

“Of you saving me!” Maya said.

“Don’t worry, I can cook, I can clean. I can do practically everything so you won’t be at a loss if you marry me. Plus I don’t have a mate.” Maya said.

“And where did you hear from that I’m the one who saved you?” Ashton asked. His eyes shone with a teasing light.

“Ooh, it wasn’t you? I just had the feeling. Maybe my intuition is not right.”

“Nope! It wasn’t me.” He continued.

“Then my bad, I got the wrong person. I’m sorry if I said anything that offended you. I should take my leave now.” Maya said as she turned around to leave.

She had just embarrassed herself; she did not have the heart to linger any longer.

Maybe she would ask around and see who saved her so that she might thank him or her later.

Although she had wanted to die so badly, someone saved her, so she should at least show some kindness, and the fact that she was not in wind winders pack anymore, she would try her best to start a new one.

Theo almost took action when he heard Maya’s suggestion. He wondered how many liters of guts Maya had drunk to say something so absurd to the alpha.

What surprised him the most was that his alpha did not get angry. His mood seemed to have gotten better after being teased by that young lady.

After Maya left, he secretly took a look at his ruthless alpha and was surprised to find him smiling.

Alpha Ashton was smiling….. The cold-blooded alpha Ashton was smiling.

Theo felt goosebumps all over his body.

His body trembled and he almost turned blind.

“What is going on?” his wolf asked, probably having sensed the change in his mood.

“You won’t believe what I have just seen.”


“Our alpha could smile!”

“What! are sure about that?”

“Yeah, I will explain everything to you later!”

Theo said as he blocked out his mate.

“Alpha….” Theo softly called out when he noticed that his alpha had zoned out.

“She is cute, isn’t she?” Ashton asked as he looked at Theo.

“Yes alpha, she is!”

By now Theo wanted to hurry home and check which month of the year it was.

Has his alpha been possessed by something?

He has never seen him with such a gentle expression.

Theo could not be blamed because he did not grow up with Ashton thus he did not have much understanding of him.

He had been spotted by Ashton when he was training the recruits. His fighting prowess and his ability to stand the harshness of time made Ashton appoint him as his beta.

Everyone was surprised by that decision because according to logic, Ashton was supposed to appoint someone he grew up with. Someone he knew inside out.

But instead, he appointed a complete newbie.

But as time passed by, many were convinced by their alpha’s decision to appoint Theo as his beta

Not only did have great fighting abilities, but his strategic planning was also top-notch.

They have fought side by side for many years and have escaped death many times.

Although Ashton trusted him fully, there were some things he swore he will take to his grave.

Seeing his beta leave with an abnormal expression, Ashton did not stop him.

He knew that he had exposed too much of his emotions but there are some things he didn’t have control over.

He gave him a lot of orders before he stood on the balcony and gazed out to the distance.

‘You are finally back my princess. Back to my side.’

Maya returned to the room and found the medical team pacing back and forth in the bedroom.

She was stunned at their anxious expressions and thought that something might be wrong with her body.

When they saw her, their eyes lit up.

“Miss, you are finally back? We thought that you had left!” one of them said anxiously.

Seeing that they were only worried about her, Maya lowered her head in shame.

She had no manners whatsoever. This was a foreign place and she was already jumping around aimlessly.

“I’m sorry when I woke up my mind was somehow disoriented. I thought that I was dreaming but the dream felt so real so I decided to take a look around.” Maya explained.

“I hope I did not cause you guys any trouble.”

“Nah! It’s okay. It’s good that you are back. We don’t know what alpha Ashton could have done to us.”

“Alpha Ashton?”

‘Ooh jeez, wasn’t that the legendary alpha that everyone talked about in the wind winders pack? ‘

He was supposed to be the distinguished guest for the meeting this time.

Maya was stunned. But she could not be blamed because alpha Ashton was someone they only heard in stories.

“Yes. He is our alpha. He is the one who personally brought you here.”

“Wait, you mean it was your alpha that brought me here?” Maya asked. Hadn’t that bastard denied a moment ago that he was not the one who saved her?

Was he toying with her?

Maya was annoyed.

But he was the legendary alpha, even if he toyed with her, she had to submit.

“Don’t you remember anything?”

“What I remember is that someone wanted me dead so she ordered some people to toss me into the lake. But since I also wanted to die so badly, I didn’t struggle. But the rest until I arrived here, I remember nothing.” Maya said.

“Ooh my God, who could do such a thing to a young girl like you? Aren’t they afraid that the moon goddess will curse them?”

“It’s okay. In life death is inevitable.” Maya said that she didn’t care whether she lived or died.

After they did a quick checkup on her, they left to let her rest.

Maya lay in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Was it a good thing that she was saved or did that mean her suffering will elevate since she was in a more powerful pack?

Maya did not want to think about anything for now.

If it meant she was going to continue leading the life she lived in her previous pack, then she better finds a way out of this place as soon as possible.

In her dazed state, she heard someone open and close the door. When she looked over, alpha Ashton was standing right beside the bed.

Right, the doctors had said that this was the alpha's bedroom; maybe he has come to send her away.

Maya immediately sat up and lowered her head in submission. How she wished to just kneel before this one-in-a-million alpha.

“Where has your courage gone?” Ashton asked, hiding an amused smile behind his cold face.

“I was wrong alpha, please forgive me,” Maya said.

Although she was sitting in bed, her head was almost touching her thighs.

Ashton was not pleased by this posture. She was supposed to be the queen. People are supposed to submit to her, not the other way around.

“Sit up straight!” he ordered.

“Huh?” Maya did not understand but she did not raise her head.

“I said sit properly, I want you to look me in the eyes and repeat what you said to me on the balcony earlier,” Ashton said.

Maya’s heart pounded. Did he want to punish her?

But didn’t he say that he was not the one who saved her?

“Do you want me to help you raise your head?”

Seeing that he was moving closer, Maya raised her head hurriedly, although she was afraid, she had no other choice.

And looking at his face, he wasn’t as ruthless as people claimed.

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