8. Mr. CEO's little game

The alarm went again early the next morning. It had once again interrupted Kate's beauty sleep but this time she didn't violently toss it away. Rather, she slowly opened her eyes in bed looking at the time. 

It was seven, the exact time she recalled setting the clock the previous night before drifting to sleep. With a loud yawn, she stretched out herself in bed. She had to be early to work today.

It took longer than expected for Kate to pick out a perfect outfit for work. She was thorn in-between the idea of dressing casually or maybe putting on something fancy.

After a long while of dilemma, she sighed. She would rather wear something more familiar than try to look fancy, she concluded and then took out her casual outfit.

Before long she was dressed in her jean trousers and blue top to suit it with. She looked at herself in the mirror, pushing back her hair and she sighed. "That' should do'

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