Chapter 15


I was busy checking my emails while on the road with Liam when his phone suddenly rang.

I raised my eyebrow when I saw that it’s Valen who is calling.

I looked at Liam only to find his eyes widened while looking at his small monitor on his dashboard where Valen’s name was flashed.

“Aren’t you going to answer it?”

He shook his head like he was terrified that Valen was calling him.

“No, I won’t. Don’t mind it anymore,”

I shrugged and let him. It’s not my phone call anyway.

I checked Jasper’s email asking where the hell am I? I forgot to message him that I will be gone for the weekend. Oh no, that man will lash out on me when I come back. I answered some of the personal emails from other CEO’s. The other one even asking me out for a dinner. Who the hell asks someone for a date through email? I thought it should be asked personally. Crazy.

I chuckled as I watched some videos from instagram. Yes, I use social media. I wonder if Valen has one? or even Liam.

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