Chapter 59

Adonis ~

It felt like a punch was thrown to my guts as I looked at Penelope who smirked right at me.

“You did what?” I snarled, grabbing her by the arm as I glared at her. Her sick and twisted smile back on her face. I squeezed her arm as tightly as I could, knowing she’d have marks there. “What the fuck did you do to, Lola? I snapped angrily and she grinned, darting her tongue out to lick her lips sultrily.

“Why? You can’t stand your darling baby cakes, lay in an hospital bed for some days or months or-if I’m lucky enough, years?” She taunted. A growl escaped my lips, I grabbed her neck, my hands tightened against her neck. I pushed her against the wall, gripping her neck tightly as her face became red in an instant.

“If something happens to, Lola. I promise you, you’d die by my hands and I’ll gladly go to jail.” I snarled, digging my nails into her arms to leave a mark. "I promise you, I will personally make sure to put a bullet through your skull and feed your remains to vultures.
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The story has two chapters to end it. I’ll be posting a chapter tonight and the last part tomorrow. Thank you for reading
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Kay Rose
Are you going to post one episode every day?

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