56 - I can never be tired for that

When Isaac got back to the mansion looking calm and calculated, his father discreetly asked, "how did it go?" He knew how soft his son could be.

"They were dismembered," Isaac said truthfully.

His father was shocked but didn't show it. He only nodded his head and said, "you have it in you after all." Isaac couldn't decipher the meaning of his words but didn't put much thought into it. He just wanted to see his fiance.

"What does he have in him?" His mother curiously asked after overhearing their conversation. 

"Me. He has a part of me in him that I never thought he did," his father said. But the woman only took the meaning literally and said, 

"Like father, like son."

When Abigail was leaving with Tony after making sure Tanya was fine, Isaac approached them upon seeing the redness under her jaw that was exposed after refreshing up and changing into casual clothes. The event had finished long ago and even Rita had left. He fel

Lucia Love

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goodnovel comment avatar
I just Dennis would not be framed or killed... pls I don't want any life lost... pls update more chapters author
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Susan Quek
Will Dennis be in grave danger?
goodnovel comment avatar
Susan Quek
Converting what belongs to Tony

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