59 - Her life is more important to me than anything

After hours of waiting, the door to the emergency room was pushed open. Abigail was wheeled out and into the VIP ward with Tony, Ivy and Marcus all over the place.

"Dan, how is her condition?" Abigails' eyes were closed so Tony thought she was unconscious and asked the Doctor. The doctor turned and looked at Marcus and Ivy.

"Perhaps I should discuss it with him first," he said to Ivy. She understood and pulled Marcus away.

"It's complicated," he said to Tony after the door to the VIP ward was shut. "Your wife lost a lot of blood. She also lost a child." Tony felt a pain like that of a stab in his chest as the doctor continued to speak, "but she still has two or should I say, she was pregnant with triplets."

His muscles clenched tightly and all he felt was pain. "How is she?" He asked.

"Her womb isn't strong enough to handle the pressure and she fell pretty bad. The degree of the kick was also dangerous. Their intention was purely to caus
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I feel for Abi... am happy they still have the twins
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4 chapters remaining dear
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Susan Quek
How many more chapters?

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