"Now let's talk about your punishment" he declared, scaring the shit out of her. 

Lola knows about what kind of punishment he is talking about. Yesterday when he kissed her, she couldn't sleep because all she could think about is his kiss. If one kiss could make her think about it for the whole night, then what would his second kiss do? And moreover, he is the first man who dared to even touch her, let alone kissing. 

By the look on her face, Lucas understood that she knows what kind of punishment it would be. She is scared by the kiss, which amused him. Women usually bend backwards for his attention, but this one doesn't want to do anything with him. He is already standing near her, and he took a step closer to her to erase the distance between them.

Lola took a step back, only to realise that she is trapped between him and the door. Her eyes widened with fear. She tried to dart to her right, but he blocked her path by placing his arms on both side

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