Chapter - 15

Ekiya's Pov.:-

everything went fast in slow pace ...

many guards ran past me with light speed , I looked back in reflex being curious to know what happened , after that what I saw took my breaths away from my lungs , my blood dried in my veins , heart belt under a heavy pressure even to beat , I push away trolley from my hands only to ran on the spot with my fast speed and in horror I just scream from top of my lungs " NO .. " .

But no one give any head to my heart wrenching scream as all were at quite distance away from my voice reach and more to that they all were busy in handling the running issue .

Stumbling in way I ran on the spot where many guards beating him like a punching bag meanwhile he was laying on the ground struggling hard to fight back , trying to skip from their attacks , trying to come to me , trying to guard his body

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