Chapter - 17

Girik's Pov.:-

Someone disturbing my deep slumber , I woke up by someone shaking and calling " sir sir " .

My warm bare back can feel soft cotton hands , they are shivering in horror and nervousness . Unknowingly a proud feeling rush in my veins for my power .

I lazily half opened my eyes as I want to sleep more , I saw her .

" Sir it's 7 in the morning , you will get late for your office " I heard her soft melodious voice saying after pulling her hand away from my body making me to crave for her soft hands warmth on my back .

Seeing her , my brain forced my eyes to open properly to look at her beautiful face .

My eyes roamed on her from head to toe , her face is shining with red tint on her cheeks showing she is blushing in embarrassmen

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