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Stuck between the devil and the dark side, Alice, a young actress whose career suddenly hit the rocks finds her life plummeting even deeper when she gets involved in the battle between a drug Lord and an agency she never knew existed, things become worse after she finds her ex boyfriend half dead on her doorstep, and when she is attacked by the drug Lord's men, her ex is killed. However she is rescued by a stranger, a secret agent who has it personal with the drug dealer, he tries to protect her, but finds it difficult to do so when the odds are stacked against them, he is framed by someone from the agency and things get worse when even the agency is out to get them, will they be able to escape ? or will everything get marred before it even begins ?

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61 Chapters
The water of the pool was the same as it had always been, cold, clean, content. It sparkled as the warm lights of dawn rested upon it, the transparent blue bed, pushed and pulled by the soft breeze egged on many to its temptation. And Alice was one of them, but her attraction to the water was'nt just because of its cold feel, its welcoming appearance wasn't all that drew her in. Something else was behind it all, it flooded her mind so much, that she had begun to lose sight of everything else. The crazy jibe of her cell phone, a police siren that wailed not too far from her, and even the loud calls of a young man whose feet thundered the ground few feet away from her. Desmond thought his love would be enough to make her forget, but he was dead wrong, she could never forget, not even if she wanted to. His calls were fierce, trying to hold her back from taking the biggest leap of her life, so big it had the power to put
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The days always seemed crowded with all sorts of busy schedules, in the city of Lagos it was rush hour, twenty four seven, the heat, the cars, the traffic, too many inconveniences came with it, inconveniences that according to some was best drowned in liquor. The night clubs were a relaxing point from the madness of the hustle, the rich drowned in bottles and revelled in the illusion of the magic, that would be over by the break of dawn, they relished in the surge of damsels, as the wine cascaded down their throats all night long, partying in the craze of the euphoria, and in the episodes of drunken stupor. It was meant for the careless and carefree, some would leave the madness with a fortune from a drunk man's credit card, others would leave with their trousers unzipped, parading in the stench of alcohol, mixed with cheap cologne from a runs girl, never the less, that was the hustle, and in the hustle it was win, or lose. Check mate. The Nightingale wasn't any di
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Betrayal, heartbreak, disappointment, disgust, were all feelings Alice thought she had homed when it came to her now broken relationship, it was strange, the anger, the hate, the ache, she had come to the club with a sixty percent expectancy to witness his betrayal, but it still hurt, and even worse, that Taria had to shove it in her face. She no longer felt the urge to follow through with her plan, he wasn't worth it, not anymore. Somehow her stare pulled his attention, and he saw her, eyeball to eyeball, she was furious, and he was unfaithful. He suddenly lost the vigour he had danced with before their eyes locked, she shifted her gaze from him and turned towards the exit. Alice sobbed as she made her way through the mad crowd, she was already outside but could still hear the loud music coming from inside the club, as well as quick footsteps rushing behind her, she felt a sudden cold creep inside her, right before he grabbed her by the arm in an attempt so to make her sto
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           The stairs looked like they would never end, she couldn't use the elevator, the place was crawling with hoodlums, they made sure to block every exit. Cornered, trapped, it was run or get caught, and Alice wasn't prepared for the latter. She was exhausted, scared, fearful, that her attackers would find her, she couldn't think, she couldn't hide, there was a threat on every side, she imagined what they would do to her, her heart raced, her mind flooded with morbid images, they were monsters, in, and out, she had to get out, there was the door, the one exit that hadn't yet been blocked, she could see them, parading the halls, searching for her, like hounds, following a scent, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and sprinted for the door, it was only a few feet away,  but they had seen her, they followed, they yelled, they tore through the crowd, this was it, the second that would determine what happened next,
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             The alleys had always painted a scary and  dangerous picture of themselves, there were more than enough dark corners, where different things hid in plain sight, many secrets, imbeded in the cracked concrete walls, shadows, blended with the darkness, the only thing that couldn't be hidden was the stench of marijuana, coke, drugs, heroine.        It went by different names, some, more popular than others, it had long since become one of the many ways of survival for the desperate lagosian, young boys who didn't hearken to the advice of their parents, more often than not, found themselves in these alleys, selling cocaine, smoking cocaine, buying cocaine. The place had become what could be described as a melting point, the deals were precise, it was a trade, they had the goods, all they
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          The chips had been staked, the drop was today, they had 2 co-ordinates, one was at lekki, and the other at a relatively farther location, it was the same time, they had the location, they were ready to intercept, the guns were loaded, their hearts crossed, today would be the day, Fasting had to be stopped.         The beach was always serene at night, the cool breeze would whisper, incomprehensive whispers, it was tranquil, precious, flawless, captivating, the waters would reach for the sand and withdraw back, like a muse, enticing the shore, the sight was infectious, tailored to lure, to attract, to amaze. It was the beauty of the sea shore, but as beautiful as it was, it had been a harbinger of one of the worst criminals in Lagos " Fasting ". 
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          For the past 2 days, the weather had been cool, it had rained continuously, and the pedestrians were always in a cover of umbrellas, on a day like this, Alice would rather have nothing more than a cup of hot chocolate and toasted bread, while watching the latest marvel movie. She enjoyed them for their blend of comedy and action, but even more because they weren't real, none of it was, not the gods, not the aliens, not the meta humans, they were all a product of an open mind, a rich imagination, literature would call it fiction, but this was the exact opposite of her life, everything was real, Mike's attackers were real, the wounds were real, her worries were real, his pain was real, and so was the ever present conciousness of a lurking threat, she had not wasted a second to tell him to get out, had practically kicked him out herself, he was heartless, cruel, selfish, but he was hurt, and as fa
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 .         The quiet was history as the bullets blasted freely into Alice's apartment, shards of glass, flying in the air, the dishes, the cabinets, the walls, all came crashing down as the metals shot right through them, this was completely different from how the movies made it seem, it was relentless, brutal, thirsty, one wrong move could mean sudden death, she was right to be scared, they were ready to kill anyone and everyone.        The gunshots stopped, but the room was in chaos, Alice was still too shaken to get up, until the sound of Mike's voice brought her back to the reality they were in.      " Alice ? Alice ? are you okay ? "his voice oozed with more concern for her life than his.
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   .      It would only take a pull of the trigger, two pulls to finish them off, Mike's assault had bought them time, but it looked like their time had run out as fast as it came, he had succeeded in wounding his attacker, the force he used when he hit the plank against his head had left a pretty deep cut, still shaken from the impact, he saw him reach for the back of his head with his left hand, as if checking to see just how hurt he was, but instead of going into a mad rage, as would've been expected, the sight of his own blood seemed to cause some sort of excitement .      Mike could neither control the fear nor the guilt of the tragedy he had brought to Alice's doorstep, if not for him she would still be safe , but his  wishful thoughts didn't change anything, the reality stood in front of them, and it wa
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 .        In combat, the possession of a weapon had often served as an advantage to the side fortunate enough to have one, that was the universal assumption, and it was evident in common fightings, from a wrestling ring, to little kids playing sword fight, to the cult boys, as well as the troublesome bus conductors, regardless of the size of their opponent the possession of a weapon more often than not awakened a degree of confidence in them. For Alice however, it was a different case scenario, she had the gun, but lacked the courage to fire, her eyes trailed round the men to the gas cylinder she had recently filled, that stood outside the kitchen a few metres away from where they stood, then she saw his arm tense as he prepared for his next kill, time wasn't on her side, nothing was.
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