Chapter - 63

Author's pov:-

(Same night)

Ekiya's car is moving on the road at high speed. She is good at driving so, it's not all an issue for her to drive at high speed on the whole lonely road. She is mentally cursing herself for buying into her boss's sweet words. The event took more than a week of her and here she again disappointed her children. Now, her daughter is pretty upset with her while her son, he is not at all talking to her. But relief is that Girik is taking care of them in her absence like a good father.

While driving, randomly, her eyes ran in the surrounding of the road as this quiet and no trace of any living around the road made her conscious for her security. Her running eyes stopped at the woman who is debating with a few men across the road in the small alley from the main highway. Seems like they are fighti

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