Chapter 3

“What do you want for Dinner,” Daddy asked.

He can't keep his hand to him from the time I have said yes to him.

“Steak, salads,” I said while his hand caressed my bare thighs.

“You need to eat more, princess,” he said, ordering for us.

We were having our dinner in fine dining, enjoying the beautiful view of beaches while talking a little about my plan after school.

“I want you tonight in my room, princess,” He said looking at me.

“Tonight,” I whispered.

“Yes tonight” He again repeated. He must have felt my tense body squeezing my thighs he said,” we will cuddle princess"

“I thought we are …”, I trailed off.

“On your birthday night,” He whispered licking my earlobe and giving a chill in my spine.

“Eat baby…” He said while eating his dinner with an evil smile on his face.

“ I know what you are doing in your room princess,” He said taking my hand and making our way to his room.

“What …” I asked innocently.

“Moaning my name, playing with your little fingers inside your tight silk whole,” He said, and I blushed.

“You know everything” I pout, and he laughed.

“Princess, your room is just beside me, He said opening the door for me to enter.

“So you know …”, I asked.

“Every night. I heard your moan”, He said, licking his lips.

“Why didn't you tell me before,” I asked sitting on his bed.

“I wanted to see your moves” He winked at me.

“I wanted to make our memories special” He sat beside me caging me in his arms.

“So now I want to cuddle with my baby” he whispered.

“My clothes are in my room,” I said, trying to stand up from his cage.

“No need princess, I prefer you without cloth,” He said, and I was looking at him shyly but feeling myself shivering just imagining myself without cloth in front of him.

“Relax, why are you so shy,” He asked playing with my zipper.

“ I was never…” I felt him opening little my zipper.

“I know and that's why I want you comfortable with me, baby” He cooed, opening the dress.

“I know daddy but still,” I said, and he nodded.

“Let's take me a bath, and you can wear one of my shirts until I take a bath, He said, and I nodded.

I wore of the shirts which were big enough for me, while he came only in his boxer.

“Princess come and let's sleep” He pointed to the bed and I slept beside him.

We cuddle feeling each other body heat while his hand rooms curves and his lips give me kisses everywhere making me hot like hell.

“Baby I want to see this beautiful mound of yours,” He said caressing my clothed breasts.

“Yes daddy” I arch my back, feelings of pleasure from his touch. I remembered when in the morning near the swimming pool he did the same thing opening my upper bikini knot he played with them.

He opened the shirt and gently squeezed them taking one of the hardened nipples in his hand leaning down he was giving lick after lick teasing me again and finally taking my nipple mouthful in his mouth.

“Daddy, if you keep going like this, I won't be able to wait until my birthday, I said, taking a breath.

"Hmmm, Rose hard to resist”, he growled moving his side of the bed caging me in his arms, finally he slept.


I woke in the morning ing feeling someone sucking my neck while a hand came under the shirt caressing my bare nipples.

“Daddy….” I moaned, knowing he is the one who can't keep his hand with him.

“Princess…” He smiled.

“Good morning” I smiled looking at his handsome face with messy hair.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked and I nodded.

“I want my morning kiss”. He said, kissing my lips. We kissed each other like carving for a long time finally biting a little he left my lips.

“ I want to suck them, baby,” He said with a hoarse voice his hand cupped my clothed breasts. His eyes asked for permission and I smiled at him.

“Princess….you are love”, He said, opening my shirt.

“So pink…like cherry”, He said, licking my hardened nipples.

“Ohhh…” Arching my back, giving him more of myself.

“Princess you don't know I have waited for you for long” He confessed switching nipples.

“Long…” I breathed out.

“Yes…six months,” He said, still one of the nipples in his mouth.

“Ohh my god” I cried out when he bit it hard before licking.

He was about to go down when a knock on the door stop him to open the door.

“Princess, get ready,” He said, placing breakfast on the table.

I stood from the bed and goes to the bathroom to get fresh. I looked at myself in the mirror and blushed to look red, love a bit on my shoulder. He must have given it when I was sleeping.


“Princess comes”, He came behind me hugging me from behind he asked” Do you know you're looking tempting in my marks.

My cheek got pink listening to him. He put his chin on my shoulder, looking at me through the mirror.

“Do you know baby Tonight I will claim you only mine” He started giving wet kisses on my shoulder?

“Do you have any plan?” I asked and he started sucking the place where the neck and shoulder joints.

“A big plan” He whispered.

“Now have breakfast fast. Otherwise, I will have you” He said, spanking on my butt.

We had our breakfast, played a little with our food and soon enjoyed ourselves.

“Do you want to go shopping?” Daddy asked, and I nodded

“Let's go and be ready, We are moving to another hotel for tonight,” He said, and I was looking at him confused.

“After….” I asked

“I have so many plans princesses, you will never go to forget this lovely vacation of yours” He smirked.

“Ohhh daddy, I am so excited” I chirped.

“Go get ready, princess,” He said, and I nodded.

I went inside my room everything was already packed, so I didn't need to do anything it was only I have to find something good for shopping I wore one sundress reaching until my upper thighs. I made my hair into a braid.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I was satisfied with my look. I heard a knock on the door and I know daddy is waiting for me. He was looking handsome, like always waiting for me.

“Let's go, princess,” He said, and I nodded.

We went shopping, I brought so many clothes with matching undergarments. He wanted me to try everything, but I would rather not show him what I have brought for tonight.

“I so wanted to see you in this cloth” He pouted like a little child showing one of the transparent bikinis. I gave a peck on his pout and I whispered” Tonight you will see everything”

“Princess, you don't know how much I waited for this night” His impatient was visible in his voice.

“I love you, daddy,” I said, and he kissed me, showering his love through kisses.

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Alex Tarni
XD noooooiceee
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Genevieve Mendoza
Interesting story
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Like the story but half the writing is in broken English. Could I proofread it to correct the tenses at least?

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