Chapter 125

“Where are we going,” I asked, adjusting my seat belt.

“Yes Papa, Where are we going,” Jessica asked from behind the seat while duke barked.

We are on vacation. Finally, his project was completed, and he is compensating all his missing time to us.

“It's a surprise…” He dragged the last word.

“We're going to the beachside,” I asked.

“I don't know” He chuckled, shrugging his shoulder before starting the car.

“Wow, beach” Jessica yelled in excitement from behind.

“I saw you in the morning, you were packing my bag,” I said, glaring at him.

“No baby, I was just checking whether you need pregnancy cloth or not,” He said innocently.

“Now…” I said, caressing my small baby bump, and continued, 'It's just a small bulge. He is so tiny, daddy”

“Daddy…” Jessica repeated, and I faced palm myself.

“You called papa daddy…” She asked, poking her face between our seats and looking simultaneous at both of us.

“Baby…” Daddy tried to give an excuse, but he did not find the correct words.

“He is his dadd
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