Bullied By The Badboy, Protected By The Hot Doctor

Bullied By The Badboy, Protected By The Hot Doctor

By:  Shyne  Ongoing
Language: English
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"If you are not going to seduce me, I will seduce you. I'm officially going to chase you and make you my girlfriend, Charity," I was stunned that those words came from Chase "Pretend to be my girlfriend, and I promise to pay you any amount you want. I will protect you from being bullied by those wretched students," The hot Doctor offered to protect me. A part of my life is my classmate who would do anything to see me in pain which was not limited to bullying me, and on the other part is the hot doctor who would do anything to protect me from being bullied. Isn't it crazy how my bully suddenly turned around and wanted to be my lover? Well, I guess this world is full of crazy things but that was the last thing I ever expected from my bully, Chase Denver, the popular rich kid in school and the leader of the notorious toxic bullies in my school, the K5. Again, how was I supposed to lead two lives as a high schooler and pretending to be Doctor Mason's girlfriend? But I guess I would eventually have to choose whether to keep getting bullied or be with Mason and be protected from those toxic bullies. What should I do especially now that Chase is ready to do anything to keep me to himself?

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Cha Cha
Please update. I've been checking for a few days now
2023-08-20 16:03:22
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I'm very impressed. omg! more please
2023-07-29 03:40:21
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Rejoice Webber
Highly recommended!!!
2023-07-25 04:07:05
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Cha Cha
I just started reading this book, and I think I'm in love with it already. I can't wait to read more of it. I'm sensing something hot coming ahead. It's highly recommended
2023-07-05 18:13:45
43 Chapters
Chase Denver
Chapter 1 Chase POV "What is wrong with you, Chase? You've been in high school for twelve years now. Are you planning not to ever graduate?" Mom flung my result on my face, obviously heartbroken. "Mom... I'm still trying my best. It's not just sinking in," It's crazy how I still dared to defend myself even in this condition, right? "You are not doing your best, or maybe your best is not just enough," She scolded me again, and I sighed. "Mom, I told you that I don't want to go to school. It's not my calling, and being in high school for so long should be proof that it's not my calling," I tried to defend myself, but she scoffed and the way she glared hard at me was really scary that my soul left my body for a second. "Come on, Mom. Stop glaring at me like that," I threw my gaze away, and she sighed. "You are turning twenty-two in a few months, Chase. Your age mates are already graduated from college and doing well in their business. Your sister is almost through with her high sc
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Started a new school
Chapter 2 Charity POV The sound of my blaring alarm woke me from my deep slumber, and I tossed on the bed while still having my eyes half-closed. My whole body ached, and the thought of resuming a new school today made it even worse. Why the hell do I have to go to school when I could just stay in bed and sleep all day? Well, the answer is that nobody will stop me even if I decided to stop going to school, but what about my mom that had that as her last wish before she breathed her last? Well, that was the only reason I have been keeping up with this shitty stuff, even if it was never what I wanted. I pushed my thoughts away as I finally dragged myself from the bed, walking sluggishly into the bathroom afterward. My name is Charity Coleman, eighteen years old highschool girl, turning nineteen in a few months. As bad as it is, I lost my mom when I just turned fifteen, and life has been harsh on me since then. I wasn’t really expecting less, anyway. I mean, for someone who didn’t h
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Talk back at Chase
Chapter 3 Charity POV Denver’s high school has to be the worst school I’ve ever known of. The strong bullies the weak, and the crazy thing is the teachers never say shit about it, and it was really driving me nuts. What the hell are they scared of? That they will be sacked if they talk? Why the hell were they employed in the first place if not to teach and discipline the kids? “Life is always unfair to the poor, Charity. Don’t think about it,” My subconscious mind reminded me, and I sighed briefly as I shook my head. Again, I was ready to go to school, not as the girl they bullied yesterday, but as the real Charity that I am. Just like yesterday, I boarded a cab to the school since I didn't have a car like most of the students in the school. Since it’s a wealthy school, I wasn’t surprised to have found most of the students using cars. “Thank you,” I said to the cabby once he dropped me in front of the school gate before I walked inside. The school compound, unlike yesterday, that
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He slapped ber
Chapter 4 Charity POV “Thank you,” the young girl who was about the same age as me whispered after she changed her dress. I was glad I brought a spare dress to the school for no purpose actually. Glad it really helped. “It’s fine. Are you hurt anywhere? Do you want me to take you to the infirmary?” I asked her as I checked her body for any damage, but she shook her head. “I’m fine…” she replied to me, and I nodded my head. “You should be careful here in the school. I think they are all bullies, so you have to stay out of trouble,” I offered her a piece of advice before I turned to leave, but she stopped me. “You should be careful… they are dangerous, and can hurt you. You shouldn’t have gotten yourself involved. Now, they won't stop haunting you,” she uttered as she held her gaze low, probably feeling guilty. “It’s not your fault, so don’t feel bad about it. I am also a scholarship student, which means that they were going to bully me even though I didn’t get involved,” I patted
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Fought back
Chapter 5 Charity POV “How dare you, bitch!” I cringed when Chase slapped me, and trust me, that has to be the biggest mistake he ever made in his life. How could he even raise his hand on me? “Fuck! You shouldn’t really have done that, Chase… you shouldn’t have,” I shook my head as I pushed him roughly, and he staggered back, but quickly maintained his balance. “Did you just push me?” he raised his eyebrows in shock. “You better expect the worse, because that is not all I’m going to do to you,” I uttered before I grabbed his shirt by the collar, slamming him hard against the wall, and I heard gasps from the students. I knew I was making a mess, touching him, but this bastard really needed someone to fucking teach him a lesson, and I’m going to fucking do that, regardless of the outcome of my action later. “Get your hands off me!” he yelled at the top of his voice as he pushed me back roughly until I fell on my butt, and realization dawned on me that I was right in front of the r
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Chapter 6 Charity POV My day in school was rough yesterday, and I finally got to know how toxic those bastards are. Yes, I so much wanted to show my identity and fight back, I wanted to show who I am, I wanted to make them pay for doing that to me, but I couldn't. I was handicapped in this situation and there was nothing I could do about it. Standing in front of the mirror yet again and all ready for school, I was scared. Scared of what those toxic bullies had in store for me when I get to the school later, but still, I had to go, right? I took a deep breath and picked up my backpack from the bed where I kept it earlier, leaving for school afterward. Standing at the side of the road minutes later and waiting for a cab, I couldn't get one, so I decided to trek to the bus stop and take the bus from there. "Hey, Cha Cha," I heard Enny's familiar voice, so I stopped and turned to find her scurrying over to me. I pulled a puzzled look. "What are you doing here?" I asked her, creasing
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Found Knox in a restaurant
Chapter 7Charity POVI tossed on the bed for the umpteenth time and squeezed my face when I heard my stomach grumble hungrily. Now I regret leaving the school earlier. At least I would've gotten the chance to have a free meal there if I hadn't left earlier. What was I going to eat now that I came home? With the little strength left in me, I dragged myself from the bed and headed to the kitchen hoping to find something I could eat to give me strength, but I was met with an empty kitchen and I felt like crying my eyes out."Not now, please. I don't have a dime on me," I whined, facepalming myself frustratingly. I have spent my savings on my rent and I was left to starve now."I am an ulcer patient, please," I whined, almost in tears."When were you diagnosed with an ulcer?" My subconscious mind asked me, and I sighed before I walked back into my room and crashed against the bed.My phone beeped, and when I checked it, I sighed and shook my head. The video of me teaching that bitch a l
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Picked a fight with Knox
Chapter 8Chase POVI scoffed after I watched the video from yesterday for the second time again this morning. The new commoner is pretty interesting. I thought I should throw her out of the school before, but fuck it. I won't ever do that. I had something in store for her this time.My phone beeped, and a text from Mom popped on the screen.'Are you dropping by to have breakfast before you leave for school? I already made something for all of you' I scoffed when I read the text. Going to the mansion to see her was the last thing on my mind, knowing that will frustrate the living soul out of me. I didn't have the energy for her nagging.'No, Mom. Knox already made breakfast, so we will eat here before leaving for school' I replied to her text, and as if she was waiting to get my reply, her message popped up on the screen again.'You are going to kill Knox. Do you all ever do stuff for yourselves? Anyway, don't you dare skip class today if you don't want me to go crazy' I rolled my eye
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Thrown out of the school
Chapter 9Charity POV"You have to expel that girl from the school. Do you know the damage she caused to my child?" I heard a feminine voice from the principal's office, and I needed not to be told that she would definitely be Xee's Mom. If only my Mom was alive, she would've been here for me."I'm sorry, ma'am...""Do you know how much I paid to get my girl here? Do you know how much I'm paying every damn semester? I've been supporting this school, and if one girl that got here through scholarship would be a problem to my daughter and the school can't do anything, then I would have to transfer my daughter from here," I heard the woman arguing with the principal, and I couldn't fight back the tears that threatened to leave my eyes as I allowed them to fall freely down my cheeks. "She will be expelled, Mrs. Stewart," my heart dropped when I heard the principal's voice, and I knew that it was really over for me this time. After I was expelled from here, I wouldn't ever be admitted into
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Chapter 10Mason AndrewsStanding in front of the mirror in the restroom, I felt nervous as I stared at my reflection. Dipping my hand into my inner pocket, I brought out the jewelry box I hid neatly there, and opening it, it revealed the diamond ring laying neatly inside. I was finally going to propose to my girlfriend after a few years of being together now."Be confident, Mason. Be confident," I whispered to myself, trying to stop myself from being nervous, but I couldn't. Once I was calm, I headed back into the restaurant where we were both having a date."I'm sorry that took much time. I felt really pressed," I apologized to her when I got to our seats, and she nodded her head. Melissa Joel was the prettiest woman I've ever seen all my life. She was the woman that stole my heart at first sight three years ago, and all I ever wanted was to spend the rest of my life with her. She was the definition of perfection. Sexy curvy body, long raven hair, smooth skin, 5'5 ft tall, had a pair
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