Panty Raid

Panty Raid

By:  Zaynab Jolaosho  Ongoing
Language: English
2 ratings
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Adedayo is well-connected and popular. A sophomore at the University of Lagos. Dayo is charming and beloved, an ardent player with the ladies and enjoys their attention. Girls are lining up for a chance to get into his bed while many have confirmed that he is naturally gifted between the sheets. When his friends places a bet to smash their lecturer's daughter, he accepts the challenge, boasting he'll have her in his bed by the end of the semester. But Eniola Craig is so much more than Dayo expected, and soon enough, he's in too deep. The last thing he needs is another complication, but staying away isn't an option. One thing's for certain: this girl totally throws him off his game. Could the well-known player be playing for keeps this time?

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ogbuka vivian
I'm hooked to this story...... it's so relatable owing to the fact that I live in the Lagos...
2023-03-01 19:52:54
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Eboni Bugg
I didn't mean to give this book a gem but I was trying to figure out how this app works & to get more bonus to read another one but I'll read it and let you know
2022-06-27 08:35:01
25 Chapters
Mr. Kasanova
"MERCY, PHONE," DAYO MUMBLED. He was lying nude on his bed, with only  the worn edge of a brown duvet covering his morning stick.Dayo groaned as the soft naked body lying beside him refused to stir. His fingers edged closer to grab his vibrating phone under Mercy's clothes.A black G-string was lying on the lit screen of his iPhone X. The carelessly strewn underwear got the events of the night before clouding every inch of his mind.A lazy smile tugged at the corner of his lips. The room carried the strong smell of sex in the morning air. Dayo couldn't stop the smile on his lips from forming. Spending the night with Mercy, a final year student is definitely something to celebrate. Not just any Mercy, but the one from Law department; the best lay in the whole damn faculty!He slide the screen and answered the call without checking the caller ID.Only one person dared to call him this early. "Dude, it's like 8
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Who do you think you are?
THE SCHOOL GATE WAS crowded with students jostling for a space in one of the cheaper danfo buses.Eniola knew that if she spent one more minute in the hassle, she was sure to be late for her first class. She stared at the swarm of motorcycles jam-packed at the far end corner of the school gate. Their faces were rigid and sweaty under their rusted helmets. Most of the students opted for the danfo buses because the fare was cheaper, while the okada riders wanted double the normal fare.Eniola would have preferred to ride in one of the buses herself, but she was running very late already. And getting to class late meant trouble with the lecturer. She held her arm forward and the motorcycles as if attracted by an invisible magnet, huddled around her.She climbed aboard the nearest one and told him where she was going to. Eniola grimaced as the motorcycle sped past the sight and the morning air rushed to her face, carrying the smell of rotten food.
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Panty Charmer
DAYO WAITED TILL he was sure Prof. Ajayi wasn't paying attention to the entrance of the class before slipping into the class like a thief in daylight."Hey, my man." he says, exchanging an handshake with his friends.Omah smacked his arm playfully. "Guy, you too like woman. Shey you know say I knock your door before I commot?" "Bro, I didn't sleep a wink all through the night. She was so fucking good." Dayo said, with a broad grin.Abbey edged closer, "You don knack Mercy be that ooo. Adedayo Banks the 'terminator'. " Dayo's smile grew wide, he relished the way his friends hailed him every time he won a bet. And that was every time, because Ade Banks has never failed to charm a girl out of her panties. Never."Wetin baba dey talk since?" Dayo asked Omah.Dayo propped his elbows on the wooden desk, which has been feasted upon by ravaging insects. The chipped edges had various names etched on it's faded brown surfac
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Bets! Bets!! Bets!!!
THERE WAS A long queue at Blue Ocean club, Lekki Phase 1. The nightclub was a very popular nightspot among Unilag students.An unending line of people were jostling and peering along the lines towards the doors. Two huge bouncers guarded the entrance, a smug look plastered on their faces.Loud thumping music emanating from the club filled the air. Dayo walked straight up to the bouncers and flashed them a grin. The younger one was a huge man, bald hair, and a gold-tinted beard that framed his jaw. The guy grinned, stretching his wide lips enough to show his gold teeth. Seeds of perspiration adorn his bald head and shined a vibrant amber color.He unhooked the black velvet rope that separated the raging crowd from gaining entrance to the club. Dayo grinned and knocked knuckles with him before entering the club.As usual, the club was packed. You could feel the energy upon entering the room. Filled with exuberant youth just like himself, most o
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Lazy Saturdays
ENIOLA SAT ON the edge of her chair, her bare feet were propped on the edge of jagged study table in her room.Opening the half used nail polish, Eniola applied a coat of black paint to her toenails. The strong smell wafted through the room instantly, overpowering the sweet fragrance of Lara's lemon air freshener. Their room was painted a cool shade of purple and white with a bunk bed leaning against both side of the room. Posters of Halle Berry, Naomi Campbell and a half naked Latino male model lined the wall. In the far end corner of the room, blouses, jeans and every size bra imaginable were carelessly draped over a chair. Strings of colorful waistbeads dangled from a bent nail on the pastel wall.As usual, Omolara had her head buried in one of her anatomy textbooks with gory pictures on the paperback. Fareedah who had just finished her evening prayers was sitting on a mat on the floor, her eyes lowered but not completely closed as she swatted off a fly
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Do I know you?
DAYO SLID OUT of his Lexus, and thumbed the lock button on the remote key.There was something delighting about the hostel. Is it because most of the biggest girls in Unilag lived there or was it just the lush greenery of the garden?Whichever. Palmers hall was the 'it' place where guys could get correct babes.He quickly dialed Janet's number to tell her that he was downstairs, not wanting to risk being seen by his past flings. There were at least two dozens of them at Palmers hall."Hello," she answered."Hey, are you ready? I'm downstairs," he asked."Great. I'll be down in five," she said, her voice sultry."Alright. Five minutes," he repeated, dragging the phone from his ear.No doubt she was still doing her makeup. Dayo had even arrived thirty minutes late because he knew she wasn't one to keep to time.Dayo leaned against his car, his dark BVLGARI sunglasses shielding his eyes from the harsh sun rays. The sun was
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P.S I hate you
THE LECTURE ROOM was filled with multiple sources of noise. Students were shouting, various ringing tone popped from each corner , doors slamming as people came in and out of the class.Snack wrappers, rotten corn cobs, and fresh orange peels lay strewn about like dead leaves. A cloud of flies gathered around the filthy crumbs of leftover puff-puff. The squeaking ceiling fan circled lazily and stirred the putrid smell across the congested room.There was a dustbin right by the entrance of the class and Eniola wondered why her classmates prefer to liter the floor. Not even a tinge of pity on their faces as the old mama cleaner bent her unyielding back to clean their mess.The class rep, Esohe, was reading something out to the class from the freshly printed paper in her hands. Her tiny voice drowned by the loud chatter that traveled around the 200seater lecture room. It's just a battle of words, nobody listening - everyone talking. The noise was ear-crippling that
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Old flames & Race tracks
DAYO HAD DRIVEN to Ikoyi to visit his favorite tracks, The Chase Race Track. He loved the smell of the tracks, the speed and the rush of adrenaline that always seem to cure his numbness.The tracks was what kept him sane.Dayo yelled in victory as his orange turbo viper shot past the finish line. The crowd went crazy as the other race cars flashed across the finish line. He'd won. Again.Dayo climbed out of his car and was quickly surrounded by his friends and some sexy girls they brought to the tracks.Omah returned with an unopened bottle of champagne, "I told you he was going to beat that motherfucker! Abi I no talk am? (Or didn't I say so?)," he shouted.He popped the cork, causing the champagne to spill over. The girls giggled as he poured each of them a glass.King, the owner of the racing tracks approached them. "I have to get you racing again so I can make some money off your ass,"he grinned."You could make a cou
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Don't act like you know me!
THE SUN WAS sinking low, embracing the snowy white clouds that lazily spreads across the sky. The sky was ablaze with swirling shades of orange and pink, as if someone had smeared burning flames across the twilight.Traffic hawkers thrusting their goods into moving cars, bus touts harassing a danfo drivers for not paying their due, fake cure-all vendors yelling, beggars soliciting the charity of bus passengers.A slight breeze blew the odor of stale sweat, salvaged by the smell of cheap perfume mingled with exotic colognes.Few yards away, a grungy old man in tattered clothes scowls, then a smile suddenly spreads on his lips. His demented smile bared uneven brown teeth stained by years of stale tobacco smoke.A little girl of about six ran alongside a rickety Toyota Corolla, balancing a tray of oranges on her tiny head. Eniola stopped to buy some roasted corn from the one roadside vendors. "Ekasan ma (Good day ma), how much is this one?" Enio
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Weather for two...
THE RAIN LASHED hard against the roof, thunder crashed and the shadow of a lightning flashed across the room. The weather was perfect for cuddling and further naughty stuffs.Rain, champagne, beautiful girl. Could it get any better?Patricia Eze was by far the prettiest girl in the department of computer engineering. She had her fair share of toasters and most of the girls in her class were really envious of her. She had light skin that glowed like the sunrise, and her body was molded to perfection, with curves in all the right places.Patricia moaned into his mouth, as Dayo's hands disappeared under her red silky blouse, pushing her bra up and cupping one of her breast. Dayo felt a sting of pain when her acrylic nails dug into his bare back. Groaning, he pinned her hands above her head and kept a firm grip. Throaty moans filled the room as his hands skimmed the soft flesh of her thighs.  She lifted her hips to meet his, making him
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