"You ..." William stood up from his seat and immediately contacted his trusted people, to look for his two children.

"What exactly happened? Why did they disappear?" asked William.

"I also don't know, when I came to their school, Case and Jeremy were not there. The school security said that their grandfather brought them home," explained Aluna sobbing.

"Grandpa?" William frowned and thought hard.

Then an anonymous phone call came to William's cell phone. The well-built man immediately answered.

"Dad ..., Daddy ...." Jeremy shouted.

William was surprised. "Jeremy...." William's voice was deep.

Aluna snapped out of her tears, hearing William mention Jeremy's name.

"You heard that!" cried the deep voice on the other end of William's phone.

"Who are you! Why did you bring my children!" asked William coldly.

A chuckle greeted him. "Have you forgotten my voice?"

William recalled the familiar voice in his ears.

"Like Grandpa's voice, could it be him?" William thought. "But isn't Gr
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