5min Meeting

"Is this it?" I snatched my wrist out of Kasan's hold as we halted in front of some sort of basement, an air of awkward displeasure drifting between our bodies.

The creaking door was left wide open and when I took a wary look inside, I was greeted by nothing but darkness. The only thing I could make out was the top of the stairs which was illuminated by a beam of light coming from outdoors, other than that, everything was submerged.

"Yes." He hummed.

Following his confirmation, in a matter of seconds, I could feel my mustered courage begin to deplete, but I stood my ground despite the severity. I'm Clara Henry; the number one bitch in town and the most feared and tyrannical gangster among my father's men. What Kasan saw back there was simply a typical reaction to a bullet I didn't even see coming. The way I am now, Lucas can no longer scare me...

This is my chance to make sure both him and Kasan knows exactly that.

"If you dont want to--"

"No!" I quickly obstructed his path with an
Daii MO

Sorry for the mistakes you might've come across throughout the story and sorry if I might've also mixed up a few names! Also, I'm very sorry for the slow updates. I'll try and speed things up! Anyway, thoughts? Next chapter most likely won't be so hectic. Let's put Lucas aside and get a little mushy, shall we?

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