Deep Pleasure 2

With my patience running thin, I quickly tightened my legs around his waist and without a second thought, I tried to slide down further onto his cock. But no avail.

I whined.

The pleasure of being pummeled into until my mind is no more......To see him go wild with lust and devour me til I can't even feel my legs.

It's been so freaking long since I felt it....

Yet this fucking dickhead keeps stalling ON PURPOSE!

The stinging sensation was now mostly gone or maybe, at this point, I was only focusing solely on the pleasure rather than anything else.

If that's what he was worried about --though I doubt it--, then there is ZERO reason for that.

"...Kasan..." I snapped, my brows pulling together, "...move...!"

He stayed still, his ebony eyes gazing down at me as if I hadn't just spoken.

What the actual fuck?

With that last straw, I was ready to resort to some kind of violence but for some unknown reason, he abruptly heeded to my words and without warning, he drew himsel
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