Chapter 25 – The Twins Arrival.


I was taken to the hospital and hooked up to different machines. And the Dr. came in together with two nurses and checked me. Liam has not left my side since we got here, sitting next to the bed and holding my hand. I had told him I wouldn’t mind if he wanted to wait outside the room, but he just smiled at me and told me he wanted to be there.

“We are together baby, do we do this together too. There is no way I will let you do this alone.” He said and kissed me softly. A new rush of pain runs through me, and he takes my hand kissing my fingers.

Dr. Marshall checked the machines then go and check if I am ready to push. He looks up at me and smiles.

“Okay miss Perl, you are ready. On your next contraction, you are going to push.” And I do I push and push.


It’s been an hour and I have been pushing, Liam is still sitting next to me, holding my hand speaking to me, letting me squeeze t

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