Chapter 53

Autumn POV

I should have known that it was a big red warning when I saw two tall European guys standing in front of my door. I should have turned around and backed to where I had come from but I had not. I had not been fast enough and before I could turn the other way, they had seen me and the rest was history.

After the two guys fled from the crime scene, at least five more guys wearing suits came. I thought we were being invaded until one of them called the ambulance, the other informed the cops, while the rest were securing the area. I was pressing my hands on Phraser’s stomach and applying constant pressure to reduce the bleeding when one of them knelt beside me. “What happened?”

I swallowed convulsively, still having a hard time believing that Phraser had been shot and currently laying on the ground. “Two guys came. They tried to get me to come with them. Phraser came and one of them shot him.”


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