Chapter 36: Going back

"Little Luke, I'm your Big Sister’s Uncle." General Valencia said gently to Luke who was standing in front of his niece. There's also a stubborn look on his face and unhappiness. As if the little guy was afraid that he, the General, would kidnap his big sister.

He was not offended though, instead he was amused at the little guy. He nodded in approval.

"Who are you calling little? I'm not little. I'm already big!" Luke stubbornly said again. He looked unhappily at the General.

Grandpa Ben was speechless. But he suddenly could not utter a word. Actually, Luke was not their biological grandson. He and his wife found him in the middle of the forest, alone. He was about 5 years old at that time.

His fair face was so dirty, his clothes were torn, and he was so thin, as if he was going to be flown by the wind anytime. And there were several wounds on his small body. When they found him, he was just sitting down under a large tree. Although he was crying in silence, his sobbing led them towar
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