Chapter 39

Chapter 39

*Marvy's POV*

" Thanks" I said to White as we got to the entrance of my dorm.

"My pleasure" He said and at once, turned to leave.

"Um.. White.. " I called and he turned.

" you think Miss Latina.. is going to punish Tyler? I mean.. he had actually saved me from getting punished earlier in her office" I said, a bit worried but he only smirked playfully.

"You don't have to worry, whatever punishment she's going to give him will be a pleasurable one" He said with a wink and I raised my brows.

"Don't worry, he's, definitely fine" He said before turning and then walked away still leaving me confused and pondering on what he had meant by that.

But since he said he is going to be fine, then I guess I can stop worrying then.

I walked into my dorm and no one was in, don't know where those two are and I'm not really bothered, I wanna get some good sleep, I'm seriously tired.

Landing on the bed with a soft thud, I brought out my phone from my pant's pocket and I realized I had mi
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