By:  Son of Shakespeare  Ongoing
Language: English
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A teenager Daniel, life comes falling apart. Everything changes when he meets a mystery girl, a princess. She accidentally leads him to a book with powers that make your wishes come true but Daniel doesn’t understand the price. Now everything he has is at stake including his life. Daniel, an intelligent but shy boy loses his crush to his best friend. His parents are on the verge of a divorce and not even his friend Glenn can help. When fate leads him to a strange pretty girl, he discovers a book that grants wishes but everything changes when competition arises for the book. The mystery Princess, who becomes his good friend and her evil Uncle both want the book. With awareness of the situation, He is forced to lie to all his friends and love ones. With all his ties at risk, what does Daniel do when he finds out the cost of his wishes coming true is his life.

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9 Chapters
1. In the museum
  Daniel is seventeen years old but he doesn’t feel like it. At least he is about to start high school coming September but that doesn’t make it any better as he’s going through a lot. There’s a lot he wishes he had done through the years. Perhaps the environment he’s in now can make him forget his troubles. Everyone seems so concentrated on themselves and Daniel finds it strange, yeah for sure it is a museum with a lot of things people are all fascinated seeing but it doesn’t explain why for the first time, Shinel is not talking to Trice. Those two never lack something to tell each other, Daniel thinks to himself. Gilbert seems to be so attached to the old bones in the glass, that it seems the whole time, Daniel is talking to himself.  While Glenn always has a woman around to be romantic to, but this time, the small blue rock he is holding has all his attention that Mary had to leave. Seems the stone has amazing properties, Daniel Whispers and smil
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2. The strange girl
  Daniel walks looking for the bathroom; he needs to make the excuse look real as he knows Glenn will be watching. He’s directed by a staff, to take a right turn after reaching the sign that reads "Our Culture Must live on’’. Well he reaches the sign but he knows there’s no purpose to continue since he was just pretending, so he decides to come back. He’s almost joining the crowd when he sees something unusual. Someone is sneaking to the direction of the restricted area; it appears to be a Lady.     Do I know her? She looks familiar.   Daniel decides to wait and look; it appears there’s no one looking. So, he goes close and then from a distance, he sees her tampering with the lock. She then goes in quitely not knowing Daniel is watching. He turns around to see if there was a tutor or someone he could tell but everyone is already leaving, heading to the banquet hall for a light reception. This is wh
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3. The cheat
    Meanwhile in the General hall, the students and everyone are directed to the banquet hall where they are to have a small reception and to dance as well. They all get there and many pairs are formed. some decide to sit with thier boyfriends while others made new friends. A DJ was hired by the staff but he can only play cool songs excluding hip hop and ones that contain explicit languages. Mr Noboa is walking around making sure all the students are in order and present but he didn't take note of Daniel's absent. He made sure strong drinks weren't served to student so they wouldn't get drunk as this was a promise the school had made to Parents.   Sarah is with her friends, Trice and Shinel. They seem to be having fun when Harris shows up.   “Hey, you girls are enjoying the night?", He asks smiling at them   “What does it seem like we’re doing?” Trice responds with an irritated tone She has alwa
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4. Who is she?
  Back at the restricted area:   What if I just happen to have met a ghost in here?   He seems frighten that he gives two steps back gradually but her smile still comes in his mind, Daniel is convinced enough that he knows her as this time; the smile is produced exactly the way he remembers. He just wishes he could make her out. Well, who this mysterious lady could be puzzles Daniel. If she’s no spirit, she must’ve been in Daniel’s picture definitely before all these, so maybe thinking far behind, surely he could find her in his memories.     Well how does this begin?     ************************     Deep in the heart of Africa, in a country Cameroon, a small town Kumba is home to many youths of different classes and talents. Indeed it is a gifted place, due to the presence of much vegetation; i
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5. She wants something
    There’s silence from both parties, each looking at the other like war lords in a field of fortune, it’s an eye to eye battle. The battle doesn’t stay that long as one of them looks away breaking whatever staring competition they had going on. Why won’t I just keep looking at her? I’m the man here. Just one thought and the combat is rekindled again. This time, the former looser determined to win. It has gone a few seconds longer this lapse and it seems there’s hope for him to win but his serious stare doesn’t prove him fearless. Within his mind, shots of thoughts come pumping out. Oh my God, she does know how to look at someone, is one of those shots.  If only the sculptures, manuscripts, and arts in the museum could clap, perhaps they will get a standing ovation. However, that will require them being faster than the water droplet, who knows where it’s from; which lands on D
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6. The book
When she opens her eyes, she’s on the floor, Daniel on top of her. It’s like fate has a lot to reveal, to say, who would’ve known Daniel’s habit of training his reflexes would pay off. Still on top of her, they both look at each other as they breathe heavily. Here he is, on top of one of the prettiest girls he’s ever met. He has always hoped to have an amazing Telenovela moment, if only he knew it would be like this. Adrenaline bars are so high that he doesn’t even realize he’s having it but seeing the fear of death in her eyes, he was somehow satisfy. Maybe the reason is because for once, other than a smile, he is seeing another characteristic of a human in her. He wakes from her, “Are you okay”?  He asks as he helps her up. “Yeah I’m fine”, she says while trying to clean herself. “Thanks for saving me Daniel”, she says looking at him as he looks back. Daniel picks the arrow that missed her and looks at it keenly. “Let me see” she says t
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7. She wants to know
A black Nike air force shoe, a pair of well ironed dark trousers, a black Louis Vuiton belt with a gold-colored buckle, and a wrist with an ice watch on, a well ironed white shirt with dark crosses on them and at the top, a cute dark little face looking surprised like it had seen a snail running faster than a cheetah.“Daniel? What are you doing here?”They both give a long breath of relief, “oh my God, Harris you scared us, thought it was someone else”. Daniel says approaching him.   “Daniel, what are you doing back here?" Harris asks, totally surprised looking at the girl.   “It’s a long story”. Daniel says also looking at her, “Meet my uhm, should I say friend”.  “Hey I’m Harris, I’m classmates with Daniel”. Harris says looking at her and sending a hand as if to greet to which she gently ignores.   “Nice to meet
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8. How it went down
BACK TO 20TH MAY After the girl on the bike complemented who everyone including him thought to be Glenn,"Wow I think you have a lot of fans now", exclaims Trice as she turns to Glenn looking at him in a hot way.Trice has very beautiful eyes and a lot of guys complain, she has a way of convincing them just by the way she would look at them.“I find you pretty attractive too” Shinel says to Glenn and they all laugh. For sure Glenn is a fine looking man; many compare him to Justin Bieber without the voice.After a while of walking and chit chatting with one another, Daniel only looks at Sarah as she talks with Glenn while Gilbert’s words resonate in his head. Glenn will get Sarah.    “Why aren’t you saying a thing?" Sarah suddenly asks, and Daniel is surprise, who the question’s for but it turns out everyone is looking at him.   
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9. The trouble
 “Now let’s see what you do rat?” He says approaching DanielDaniel giving a step back with a frightened tone responds, “Come on Mack I thought I told…”"…SHUT UP" he yells hitting Daniel with his right fist. This sends Daniel to the floor. In pains, Daniel is on the floor, he moan as he tries waking up when suddenly, Mack rushes with a kick to knock him again, but Daniel is quick enough to see as he dodges rolling on the floor. This annoys Mack as he grunts with anger and walking up close to Daniel, he picks a stone.Raising the stone, he says to Daniel “I told you to stay away from…”<…Hey you! what are you doing!?> A distant voice of hope, a man coming from the side yells as he points his touch at them.    “You’re lucky”, Mack says as he throws the stone and quickly walks away. Daniel wakes up, wiping th
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