I could feel eyes on me when I walked to school. Boys kept on turning around to look at me when I walked past them. A while later it had almost turned spooky. With my hands clenched on my arms, I hastily walked inside the classroom to take a seat.

Thankfully, I had started to understand the subjects and topics so the classes became easier. Maths was still hard, but at least I was not lagging behind too much. As the class almost came to an end, the teacher announced,

“There will be a group project now. Four people in each group. You need to create a creative model of our ongoing chapter.”

The teacher started to pair up people according to students in each row. When it was my turn to stand up to form a group, I turned kind of shaky, worrying if anyone would even want to pair up with me or not as I was perhaps the weakest student in the classroom.

“Mia’s group. If you want to be paired up with her, please raise your hands.”

Unexpectedly several hands lifted up in the air, all of th
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Rebecca Reilly
I don’t know why she won’t say anything. I think she will just give her time
goodnovel comment avatar
Why the hell hasn’t she told him? She seriously needs to ditch Liam. All for one. Alessio is actually doing good.
goodnovel comment avatar
How stupid can she be, for not telling the alpha what she heard.. and seriously she still wants to be friends Liam

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