Chapter sixty - Goodnight

Lisa’s POV

I dropped on my knees as my dam broke. My tears were uncontrollable. When I met him all I thought was, "Damn it's gonna break me when you leave..." And I was right. Crying is a way your eyes speak when your mouth can't explain how you are feeling inside.

Henry knelt in front of me and wrapped me in his arms. I wish they made me feel home like Chase's did but all I could feel was been engaged for comfort. He soothed me and promised everything would be okay, over and over and over again but I doubted it .

When he lifted my face to look at him,my sobs increased and no words were courageous enough to leave my lips.

"He is not worth your tears. If you mean something to him then he will fight for you..." He wiped my tears with his thumbs but they were so stubborn.

"He is Chase, he will never change Lisa..." He cussed out with so much rage in his voice.

"Do you think he will choose me?" I asked in a dry hoarse voice.

"If he really likes you then he will..."

"I want him too Henry.
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