Chapter 165


Niko had made a new announcement and that was what Jeremy’s guard had shown him, catching everybody completely off guard, Nirvana had announced that they will be signing a new deal with the Lynch group of companies and that there would be percentage for every company that works with Lynch group of companies or have shares in the companies.

There have been a lot of rustle and bustle, interviews both TV and personal since Nirvana announced the new deal. It became the talk of the town and for a big company like Nirvana partnering with another Multi billion dollar company, the news soon spread far and wide.

“We got a proposal for this deal from the owner himself and we feel so honored to be considered, really and for everyone that believes in us. We all say a big Thank you to you guys. Expect more from us.” Niko said in one of his interviews.

“Board meeting, Now.” Niko called and all the board of directors gathered in the meeting room. It had been a busy day for everybody as e
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