Return of the Prodigious Son

Return of the Prodigious Son

By:  Jin He Xi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ten years ago, he was forced to escape from a rich and powerful family. From then on, he drifted away like an ant, and everyone could bully him. Until that day, he dialed the familiar yet strange number. If you hold my hand, I will make you proud...

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1672 Chapters
Chapter 1 The 1st wealthy family
In front of the Magic Phantom KTV...Zhou Tian had just parked the car when he saw his sister-in-law, Li Ruoshi.This girl was young and beautiful. Today, she wore light makeup, which made her look more delicate and lovely."Ruoshi, hurry up and get in the car. Mom is waiting for you for dinner."When he got out of the car and opened the door, one of his legs was not working well and he looked very laborious."Hey, isn't this the brother-in-law of Ruoshi, the lame man? You really deserve to meet him.""His left foot on land is 160 centimeters, his right foot on land is 170 centimeters, and his average height is 165 centimeters. Heehee...""Don't laugh at him. It's not easy to be disabled..."The several young girls who came out with Li Ruoshi were twittering happily.Li Ruoshi was so angry that her face turned pale. Every time she met this worthless brother-in-law, she would definitely have trouble!Wasn't she laughed at by her companions?"Get in quickly! Didn't I tell you
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Chapter 2 What they said doesn't count
Zhou Ling's eyes were full of tears. She felt so wronged in her heart.She admitted that she was very poor, but how could she be bullied when she was poor?"Brother, why are you here?"Zhou Ling forced a smile and came to Zhou Tian.Looking at her sensible sister, Zhou Tian felt quite upset.He knew that his sister was working on a holiday to earn tuition fees, but he didn't expect her situation to be like this."I'm worried about you, so I came here to see you. By the way, I'll give you tuition fees."Zhou Tian gently smiled at Zhou Ling.Peng Na, who was beside them, saw this and felt even more contempt for Zhou Tian.No wonder he was dressed in such a shabby way. After all, he was Zhou Ling's brother."Our restaurant is a high-end restaurant, and not everyone can enter. If you are not here to spend money, you can leave immediately."Peng Na said as she looked at Zhou Tian with a strange expression.Zhou Tian glanced at Peng Na. "How do you know that I'm not here to spend
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Chapter 3 You're Proud, aren't You?
"Ruoxue, you're finally back. I've been waiting for you for half a day."Qian Xiaofei tried his best to suppress the agitation in his heart and presented the roses in a decent manner.It was Li Ruoxue who came back from work, but she didn't expect that the fly would come.When she was in high school, she had been harassed by Qian Xiaofei. At this time, Qian Xiaofei came to visit her, which made Li Ruoxue feel as if she was haunted.Glancing at Zhou Tian, Li Ruoxue couldn't help but feel sad.As long as her man could be a little more promising, Qian Xiaofei would not be so arrogant."Yes."Li Ruoxue just nodded, but did not receive the flowers."Hehe, Xiaofei, there's something wrong with her work recently, so she's in a bad mood."Zhang Shuyun, who was standing by the side, saw that something was wrong and hurried over to mediate the dispute."Really? You can tell me if you have any questions. I'm not bragging. There is nothing I can't solve in Beichuan City."Qian Xiaofei w
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Chapter 4 Apologize to This man
"Chairman, why, why are you here..."Seeing the furious Miao Pengju at the door, Jiang Wei was shocked and quickly stood up."The Huanyu International is your home. I can't come, can I?"Miao Pengju raised his face and glared at Jiang Wei."No, no, no. Chairman, listen to me. That's not what I meant..."Jiang Wei was so scared that his face turned pale. He didn't understand why the chairman was so angry.What do you mean? This gentleman is here to apply, right? What was your attitude toward work just now?Miao Pengju raised his voice and questioned Jiang Wei, then approached Zhou Tian.This was the young master of the Zhou family!My God, are you here to experience the life of the bottom class? You look too ordinary in clothes...Miao Pengju raised his eyebrows in wonderment."I'm sorry, Chairman. My bad attitude was bad just now..."Jiang Wei wiped away his cold sweat and did not even dare to breathe.Miao Pengju really wanted to beat Jiang Wei up. You idiot! Don't hurt m
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Chapter 5 So Shameless
Boasting?Zhou Tian's eyes flickered a few times before he swallowed his words.His poor image had been deeply rooted. Even if he told the truth, no one would believe it.Seeing that Zhou Tian stopped talking, Li Ruoxue firmly believed her judgment.She simply ignored Zhou Tian and went back to her bed to rest.A night of silence.Early the next morning, Zhou Tian and Li Ruoxue went out together.Every day when Li Ruoxue got off work, Zhou Tian would drive to and from school every day."Be careful."At the entrance of the company, Li Ruoxue got out of the car and said something."Okay."Zhou Tian answered.Just as he was about to drive away, she saw a red Audi approaching and parking at the company's entrance.A short-haired woman in her thirties got out of the car. She was dressed in a business suit and looked shrewd and capable."You are good, Li Ruoxue. You are better than me day by day, and you have a full-time driver!"The short-haired woman sneered and said to Li R
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Chapter 6 Who says I can't afford it?
"It's you?"Qian Xiaofei was alarmed as he looked at Zhou Tian in front of him."Yes, it's me."Zhou Tian looked at Qian Xiaofei.For Qian Xiaofei, Zhou Tian was really annoyed.This guy had already violated the bottom line of Zhou Tian when he had an eye for Li Ruoxue.What's more, just now, Qian Xiaofei shamelessly took the credit as his own. He was really thick-skinned."Haha, there are so many strange things nowadays. You dare to enter the gold shop. Can you afford it in this place?"Qian Xiaofei looked at Zhou Tian with contempt. He found it too funny.People like Zhou Tian shouldn't have appeared here."That's right. You can't afford it. What are you doing here?"Zhang Shuyun stared at Zhou Tian and asked.Couldn't afford it?Zhou Tian sneered in his heart.The female clerk, who had been introducing to Zhang Shuyun, looked at Zhou Tian's rustic figure and pouted.The more poor he was, the more pretentious he was to hide his inferiority.He dared to say that a neck
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Chapter 7 investment of One Billion
Zhou Tian didn't expect that the boss of the gold shop would send someone to deliver the necklace.But thinking of the warm attitude of the middle-aged boss at the gold shop, Zhou Tian could guess what was going on.It must be that the boss of the gold shop wanted to make friends with him, so he sent Zhang Shuyun a diamond necklace.As for why he wanted to make friends, Zhou Tian could not figure it out for a while."When I was in the gold shop today, the boss would give this necklace to me as a gift."Zhou Tian said.Zhang Shuyun was amused by his words. "Haha, you've really grown up. You're really good at lying."Zhou Tian knew that Zhang Shuyun wouldn't believe him, so he didn't bother to explain.Li Ruoxue looked at Zhou Tian from the side, and her heart was in a mess.She also wanted to believe in Zhou Tian, but these two things were too mysterious and hard to convince."Mom, we can't take the boss’ things for nothing. This diamond necklace, you should give it back tomor
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Chapter 8 I'll Deal With You Sooner or later
"My good daughter, go change your clothes and dress up nicely. The Childe of the Qian Family is waiting for you downstairs."Zhang Shuyun urged Li Ruoxue.Li Ruoxue was really annoyed. She was very clear about Qian Xiaofei's intentions.She looked out of the window and saw Qian Xiaofei standing gracefully in front of his BMW, with a bunch of flowers in his hand. He was looking up with his face up."Mom, I'm a married woman. Is it appropriate for me to go out on a date with another man?"Li Ruoxue said."You and Zhou Tian are husband and wife, aren't you? Don't lie to me. You've never let him touch you, have you?"Zhang Shuyun pursed her lips and asked Li Ruoxue.Li Ruoxue lowered her head."Ruoxue, you are still young and have a long way to go in the future. Mom doesn't want to see you ruined by Zhou Tian. With such a useless guy, your whole life will be over!""Mom, don't say anything. I have already accepted my fate.""Even if you don't let me say, I have to tell you. The
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Chapter 9 Envy Young Master Zhou
The man was well-dressed and looked like he was in his thirties.Zhou Tian recognized him at a glance. He had just met him yesterday.It was none other than the owner of the gold shop."Sir, do you remember me?"The boss looked at Zhou Tian and smiled politely."Of course I do. Why are you here?"asked Zhou Tian, puzzled."I run this restaurant."The gold shop owner smiled and said, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Long Kun, and my friends in the underground all call me Master Long Si."Long Kun?Zhou Tian was too familiar with that name.There were several underground forces in Beichuan City. The most famous and powerful one was Master Long Kun.After hearing Long Kun's self-introduction, Li Ruoxue opened her mouth in surprise.Although she was a woman, she had lived in Beichuan since she was a child. How could she not have heard of the terrifying Master Long?"It turns out to be Master Long."Zhou Tian looked at Long Kun and said."No, no, I dare not. You can just c
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Chapter 10 In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty
Zhang Shuyun's words just now were clearly heard bu Zhou Tian in the kitchen.No matter how good-tempered he was, he couldn't bear it. No one like this could be his mother-in-law.Zhang Shuyun couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed when she saw Zhou Tian coming out.No matter what, her daughter and Zhou Tian were still legally married. They had not even divorced yet, yet she had already found another husband for her daughter. It did not make sense."You're getting more and more unbridled. You don't even call me mom anymore, and you still dare to call my name?"Zhang Shuyun stared at Zhou Tian. She wanted to seize the opportunity."Just based on what you just said, you are not qualified for me to call you Mom."Zhou Tian said."You!"Zhang Shuyun choked on his words. "What's wrong with what I just said? A good-for-nothing like you deserves to have my daughter?""Haha."Zhou Tian just smiled coldly. He didn't want to argue with Zhang Shuyun anymore.Zhang Shuyun didn't l
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