Chapter Seven(Making new friend)

Mira's Pov:

I was awoken from my deep slumber by a knock, I used the pillow to cover my head when telling Khloe to stop the sound that she was disturbing me.

"Miss, please open the door, the breakfast is ready,"  an ecstatic voice said from the locked door making me jump out of the bed like seriously I thought I was in my old room in our packhouse. I scratched my head and grumpy sign but the sound continued coming from the door.

"Miss, are you ok?" The person asked me, I am sure she is an omega but she has an amazing voice. I was still enjoying that heavenly voice when she interrupted me. 

"Miss, please can you open the door. Miss, are you well? Why are you not responding please?" She continued asking me, and I was there enjoying the voice and smiling at her caring nature. She reminds me of my sister Vivian, her caring nature. The event of yesterday came rushing into my head, tears stung my eyes but I insist on not shading any more tears for something that I can't reverse but wait I can reverse it I just found my mate yesterday how can I forget so soon, I was still in my little world when I heard a hard knock at my door.

 Does this omega want to pull my door away, when someone doesn't answer, doesn't she know what it means? doesn't she know what privacy is called?

I angrily walk towards the door and unlock it without caring to check my appearance in the mirror before opening the door. Immediately I pulled the door open, the omega stared at me as if I grew a horn overnight, she looked shocked but when she recovered from the shock she tried to control her laugh, and I rolled my eyes at her. Yes my morning look sucks and that's why I am not a morning person, I don't like meeting people in the morning immediately  I wake up because I do look terrible, my family always makes a gist of me because of this, that's why before I step out of my room, I have to check myself in my mirror and that's has become my normal routine but today I forgot due to my anger and her disturbance.

"What is it?" I asked her with a furious expression for her to see that she was disturbing.

"Good morning, Miss, I was instructed by Luna to wake you up for breakfast and also help you to get ready,"  she answered sweetly. I won't deny the fact that she looks like an angel, I mean she looks gentle and fragile with her green eyes like the forest color, but why will she laugh at my morning look? I signed in my head making heaven roll her eyes at me.

"Dramatic," Heaven hiss.

"Little wolf," I stick my tongue at her as I taunt her in my head.

"But why sent you to get me ready, aren't I old enough to dress?" I asked her but she smiled at me genuinely.

"I am your maid, Miss, and you told me to come this morning if I do have a chance, to help you get some things in order," she said warmly to me, oh! She was the omega that walked me to my room yesterday night after dinner, now that I remembered I was busy yesterday thinking of my mate that I didn't even spare her any glance. I smiled at her before opening the door widely for her to enter. She enters and gazes at my room and bed which look tattered. One of the pillows is on the floor behind the bathroom door. How it gets there is something I didn't even know though I do sleep like a crazy woman at night, the other pillow is under the bed, and the quilt is at the edge of the bed, she was laughing when staring at my room, I thought she will even going to give me a disgruntled look but she laughed it out making me smile at her.

"What is your name?"I asked her, causing her to snap her head at me immediately and struggled to compose herself. She feels bad for laughing at my messy room. Does she think I will be mad about that? If she thinks so then she is wasting her time because I am delighted how she doesn't pretend to please me.

 " My…. My… name…. She kept staggering, I signed, causing her to lower her head.

"Look, if you want to stay with me, you have to be free around me. If you noticed I don't know anybody here and what I don't want is for my only friend not to be comfortable around me or try to please me when she isn't happy I want a friend and I find that friend and sister in you," I said calmly to her. 

She gaped at me surprisingly " My name is Angel, I am an omega and an orphan. And I am not your friend but maid, ma, I was just terrified that you might find my behavior as an act of disrespect but in all, I am pleased and honored to be your friend," she said cheerfully at me showing all her 32 white teeth. You see when I said she looks like an angel I wasn't lying but it feels sad that she was an orphan now that she is my friend I won't make her feel the pain of not having a parent or being worthless of coming from a lower rank, but what of me that her parents sold off to a total stranger for their selfish interest was she not better than me. I walked towards her and embraced her in a sisterly hug taking her by surprise but she hugged me back after a few minutes.

"You are not my maid but a sister and friend from now on, just feel free around me,"  I said to her before breaking the hug. She was already sobbing, making me hug her again. I don't know what but I feel connected to her.

"I haven't received this kind of love from anybody before, you are the last person I expect to treat me like this, for you are way better than me, you have a higher rank, and even the future luna of our pack but I promised to serve you both as your maid and be the sister that you want me to be, I promised never to fail you,"  she said when sobbing so hard, my nighty has soaked with her tears, I rubbed her back to calm her down.

She wiped her tears and smiled at me, we stared at each other before bursting into laughter, her face looked terrible from her tears and I wasn't any better, we were laughing at our appearance, tossing on the floor but our girly moment was interrupted by a tremendous knock from the door.

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