He moved his hands down to her pu**y and moved it over her cl*ts slowly. This sent a little sensation through her and she gasped.

Roberto was beginning to get bored, so he reached for hands and began to open the cuffs. Her heart began to beat very fast, she feared her body didn’t give him much pleasure and he could end up killing her.

After she was released, he walked back to his bed and sat. He looked at her from where he sat and all she did was gulp and stay the exact way he left her.

“Touch yourself.” He ordered and she looked at him like he had gone crazy, but she dared not say no to him.

She started touching her br**sts, though she wasn’t enjoying what she did, she had no choice than to do it.

She moved her hands down to her p**sy and began to give her cl*ts some gentle strokes. She kept doing it and she began to get wet down there.

She moaned softly as she dipped her two fingers into her wet jar and began to finger herself. She looked at his face at some points to see if he was impressed but he had that same straight face.

“What the hell does he want? Does he have any emotions at all?” She asked as she kept pleasuring herself. She hoped she would get to touch him or even kiss him, but all these seemed impossible. She just wanted to get the hell out of there.

After minutes of her pleasuring herself, Roberto finally got hard and he walked up to her again. He removed his robe and she stared at his perfect body. She wanted to touch him so bad, she saw how huge and rigid he was, she wanted to put that shaft in her mouth.

“Go on your knees.” He commanded and her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe she was actually going to give him a blowjob.

He packed her hair backwards and held it in his hand. He moved her face aggressively to his d**k and put it in her mouth.

She wanted to go slowly with him but unfortunately, Roberto liked it rough. He pushed all of him in and it got a little too deep in her throat.

She choked and tried to catch her breath but Roberto wasn’t done. He moved back a little and did it again.

She wanted to hold unto his legs, but he smacked her hands before she could lay her hands on him.

“Don’t you dare touch me.” He said within gritted teeth and a clenched jaw. She kept her hands to herself and let him do this thing.

He kept controlling her head with his hands and didn’t let her do much, all she did was suck on him as he thrusted the way he wanted.

After minutes, she grew tired and her mouth began to feel sore. She tried closing her mouth a little and her teeth mistakenly got in the way making Roberto pushed her away immediately.

“What the f**k!” He growled and she began to fidget.

“I am so sorry Mr. Roberto, my mouth feels so sore.” She cried and he stared at her angrily.

“Bend over.” He charged and she nodded. She stood up and placed her hand on the couch, bending over.

He moved closer to her, slapped her cheeks pretty hard and reached for the drawer again.

He picked up a condom and wore it on himself. He grabbed her by her hips and inserted his shaft inside her.

She gasped as she felt his fill her hole, eye could feel him touch her wall on both sides.

“Hmm.” She moaned as he began to thrust. He began to thrust hard and steady. She was t enjoying any part of it at all, all she wanted was to leave but she dared not say it.

He kept going and going pounding her hard and keeping her bag the way he wanted it. After minutes of hounding and pounding her, he felt himself getting close to ejaculating. He went harder and faster and he clenched his jaw giving a short sharp groan as he ejaculated in the condom.

He pushed her away and removed the condom which had his sp**m in it. He tossed it to the other side of the room and tied his white robe round himself again.

“Go to the men, they’ll settle you.” He said without looking at her. He walked into the bathroom and left her there.

She stood up not understanding how she felt about the whole thing. She walked out of his room, holding her shoes in her hands.

As soon as she got on top of the stairs, those workers at where in the living room at this moment stared at her.

She wasn’t looking nice at all, and they weren’t surprised.

She saw them pass some cash to themselves and as soon as she got closer, they stretched the money to her.

Without uttering words to them, she collected it and walked out of the house.

The maids sighed staring at her as she left. They could imagine how she was feeling at that moment.

Before they became maids, he did the same thing to them, and those that impressive him a little became his maids.

“I feel so sorry for her.” Sofia ,one of the maids said to Elena, her colleague as they walked to their room.

“I don’t feel any remorse for her, she chose to f**k him. Didn’t you see how happy she was before she entered the room with him? She had her hopes high thinking he would see her differently from the women he had being with.” Elena responded and Sofia sighed.

“You need to understand that sometimes they don’t really have a say. Once he looks at them and says I want them, there is no going back, except you wants to die.” Sofia added and Elena rolled her eyes.

“Well, I don’t want to care what is going on with them afterwards, I have been in their position before and I didn’t die. You have being in their position and you also didn’t die, they want the money they get it. They will be fine.” Elena uttered and Sofia creased her brows.

“Why are you so mean?” Sofia asked.

“The world has never been nice to me, maybe it has been nice to you… We should rest, cooking will start in an hour.” Elena responded laying on her bed and shutting her eyes.


Roberto sat in the bath tub, he carried his apple iPad in his hands and went on social media with his anonymous handles.

He saw numerous news feeds on his social pages and it looked like what had gone down at the bar.

He clicked on one of the videos and began to watch it. His face was with no expression and he watched like he was watching the news.

He went through the comments and saw how people called her stupid for standing against him.

“Correct.” He thought.

“If he lets this girl go scot free then maybe he is a changed person and he is becoming soft. Because no one has ever done this and went scot free.” Roberto read someone’s comment and he furrowed his brows.

There were replies under this particular comment and he opened it to read it.

“What do you mean changed person? Roberto Galante can never change, he is heartless and inhumane.” Someone else commented.

“What if he is shocked because she stood up to him? Remember this is the first female saying no to him. The rest of them always fall to his feet as soon as he stands.He is a monster! It’s nothing to be proud of.” Another reply came in.

“I am so proud of her, you can say all you want but that asshole deserves someone to tell him he isn’t always right.” He read and he went off social media after.

“I should do something about her.” He thought and then waved the idea off his mind.

“If I do something, then it means I am pushed by what the crowd say and I am not moved by what anyone says. I do what I want to do.” He thought and got out of the tub.

He walked into the room and cleaned his body with his towel. He rubbed the water on his hair off with his towel, and laid on the bed.

As soon as he laid on the bed, he shut his eyes and began to think. The next person on his killing list was in his head already.

“Lorenzo Ferrari… Asshole!” He yelled in his head thinking of a better way to get back at him other than killing him right away.

“That would be too easy.” He muttered and opened his eyes again.

He sat up and reached for his phone, he put a call across to him assistant and waited for him to pick up.

“Mr. Roberto.” Vincenzo his assistant said in a cranky voice.

“What’s wrong?” Roberto asked in a hoarse voice.

“Some staffs got on my nerves, but it’s no problem Mr. Roberto.” Vincenzo responded.

“You are yet to get back to me on that bastard Lorenzo Ferrari. We need to meet up.” Roberto told.

“Tomorrow?” Vincenzo asked.

“Tomorrow it is. We’d see you before lunch, the normal time and place.” Roberto uttered and hung up the call.

He threw the phone across the room and it hit the wall making it shatter into pieces.

He pressed on the bell next to his bed and in the next few seconds, two of hid men were at the door already.

“Come in, pick it up and dispose it.” Roberto ordered and one of them came in.

He picked up the phone and headed out of the room. As soon as he got out, he removed the SIM card and threw it in his mouth.

“Do you have to do that every-time? You can just break it into pieces with something, not necessarily your mouth.” Bruno said to his colleague Greco.

“You can’t understand why I love chewing these, I don’t know why I love doing that so much.” Greco stated.

“You have chewed more than 50 of that, if I’m not mistaken.” Bruno responded.

“You can’t blame me, he never stops breaking and ruining the phones.” Greco said and Bruno scoffed.

“Whatever.” Bruno muttered.

“Have you thought of something?” Bruno asked after some minutes of silence.

“What?” Greco asked.

“Have you ever thought one day the boss would talk to us? Not just order us around? But talk talk…” Bruno stated and Greco laughed sarcastically.

“What does he want to talk to us about? We are here to do what he says not help me ruminate over his problems. The earlier you realize this, the better.” Greco told and Bruno sighed.

“I have always kept my hopes up, thinking for us to have worked with his for years, I mean we are the eldest workers here, he could at least tell us about all these things. How these things work.” Bruno uttered.

“Come off it brother. It’s never going to happen, get used to that. Focus on your job, your girlfriend and you will be alright.” Greco told.

“Hmmm… speaking of girlfriend, when do you plan one having one? You are 30 already Greco.” Bruno said looking at him.

“Very soon, I have had my eyes on someone for some months now. I’m just looking for the right time to tell him.” Greco said and Bruno furrowed his brows.

“Tell him?” He asked and he sighed nodding.

“Yes, it’s a man.” Greco responded and Bruno’s eyes widened. After years of them working together, Bruno couldn’t believe his eyes and ears.

“You are gay?” He asked and Greco shook his head.

“Bi…” He responded and Bruno stared at him for a while before nodding reluctantly.

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